Wendy’s New Chicken Salads – Definitely Worth The Hype!

I was recently asked by Davis Communications Group to try out Wendy’s new chicken salads.  Although I’m not a fan of fast food, I didn’t see any harm in going for salads since I needed a much necessary break from my Big Taste meals (lol).  For some strange reason we’ve been having office lunches all week last week as well and no, you can never say no to free food… so I decided to sneak in a couple of half size salads here and there.  Lucky for me there’s a Wendy’s very close to my work building so I didn’t have to travel too far.

Wendy's - BBQ Chicken Ranch (1)

Wendy's - BBQ Chicken Ranch (2)

BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad – $4.99 (half), $8.99 (full)
Fire roasted sweet corn, shredded cheddar cheese, diced tomatoes, Applewood-smoked bacon, BBQ-drizzled grilled chicken and BBQ ranch dressing

On the first day I tried this.  If you know me, I hardly ever eat fast food, and when I do, salads are not what I usually order.  However, this may have changed my mind forever.  At first I was a bit weary of the BBQ flavor because sometimes I find that it can be very overwhelming, but it was not the case here.  The BBQ sauce is already drizzled on there.  And the bacon… sad that there was only one slice in here (two slices in the full size) but it was a nice thickness with a sweet taste from the smokiness.  The chicken chunks were nicely seasoned and tender – love that it’s not dried out.  I thought this was a visually appealing salad and I really enjoyed it.  All of the sweet or savoury ingredients created quite a pleasant taste altogether.  Hmmmm if I didn’t have to try another salad to review I would so get this one again!

Wendy's - Asian Cashew Chicken (1)

Wendy's - Asian Cashew Chicken (2)

Asian Cashew Chicken Salad – $4.99 (half), $8.99 (full)
Fire roasted edamame, cucumbers, red bell peppers, spicy roasted cashews, grilled chicken and spicy Asian chili vinaigrette

Note: if you have a nut allergy, then this salad is not for you.  Although the spicy cashews are served separately, there is a warning at the restaurant that the vinaigrette contains peanuts. 

Between this and the Taco Supremo, this won mainly because I’m not a chili person.  Besides, at 370 calories for a full size (so approximately half or less for a half size depending on how much dressing you decide to use), it is pretty much the health conscious choice.  I was a bit worried because the vinaigrette sounded really spicy, but thankfully the heat was rather mild.  Since there are not too many strong flavored ingredients in here, you do have to rely on the tangy vinaigrette for taste.  The chicken chunks are still nicely seasoned and tender, and I enjoy the crunch provided by the edamame.  I will have to say comparing to the first salad I tried, this one feels a bit bare.  It definitely can use some bacon (yes everything does taste better with bacon) and cheese although those toppings are not exactly Asian.  However, this is strictly a personal preference and if you’re looking for a light salad as part of a healthy diet, then this salad is a great choice.

These salads will definitely be a great meal choice for those on a low carb diet.  I am happy to have given these a try and am pleased to say that there are some healthy and delicious choices at a fast food restaurant after all! My favorite of the bunch that I’ve ever tried from Wendy’s to date is definitely the BBQ Ranch Chicken.

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