Brunch at Vendome Cafe

Vendome is the only other restaurant that I have yet to visit of the Teatro Group, and I finally dragged my brother L to go with me one weekend. I knew it would be really busy, so I told my brother we should get there early… just before 10am, and we comfortably secured the last table before witnessing a HUGE crowd waiting in line. The format is order at the counter and go seat yourself. It’s also nice that they have a self-serve water station!

VC - Breakfast Parfait

Breakfast Parfait – $5.00

My brother decided to start his day with this. Fruits, granola and topped with yogurt and more fruits, he thoroughly enjoyed this healthy combination.

VC - Bacon Breakfast Panini

Bacon Breakfast Panini – $8.00

My brother’s main, and he was quite happy with the large portion stuffed with a generous amount of ingredients. Served with a small side of fruit salad.

VC - Ham and Cheese Croissant

Ham and Cheese Croissant – $7.00

I got this for my toddler and he quite enjoyed it! I was expecting a soft, buttery croissant and this one was more firm in texture. Also served with a small side of fruit salad.

VC - Salted Caramel French Toast

Salted Caramel French Toast – $12.00

This is the reason I came to Vendome. I was not expecting such a huge portion, and I really wish a half portion would be offered b/c this is just too much sweets in one sitting for breakfast. However, without a doubt, this was delicious and really satisfies a sweet tooth! Chunks of soft french toast, bananas and oodles of whipped cream – then topped with a salted caramel sauce… just simply decadent.

VC - Mushroom Benedict (1)

VC - Mushroom Benedict (2)

Mushroom Benedict (1/2 order) – $11.00

My other choice was definitely the mushroom Benedict, and since I expected my brother to help out with the French toast I thought I should get the half order. This might be one of my favorite eggs benny! The mushroom mixture was creamy, flavorful and would be perfect on just about anything (I’m thinking pasta)! The eggs were poached softly and the blend of egg yolk and creamy Hollandaise sauce was just… I love eggs benny for that reason 🙂 The only thing I didn’t quite enjoy was the potato hash – it was mixed with a bunch of peppers and I thought the taste of the pepper was much too overpowering.

Service was limited to taking orders at the counter and delivering food to your table, but was pleasant and friendly. Prices are more than fair for the portion size and quality. I would definitely come back for more delicious breakfast choices as well as try out their evening menu.

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