Brunch at WURST Überkitchen Wunderbar

A while back my family had wanted to go for brunch.  As you know, I hate waiting in line and with such a big group, I have to pick a restaurant that accepts reservations.  After studying various menus and not wanting to go for buffet, we decided to do a la carte at Wurst in Mission.

Here’s what we tried today:

Wurst - Duck Frites

Duck Frites – $11.00
duck fat fries, duck confit, classic aioli

One thing that had really made me want to go there was… the duck frites.  Duck fat fries kick butt.  Seriously.  It adds exquisite in-depth flavors in potatoes that other types of fat or oil cannot compete.  There was a generous amount of duck confit sprinkled allover as well and that aioli… hmmmmm.  Between 8 people we shared two plates.  And we mostly finished it all.

Wurst - BBB Benedict

BBB Benedict – $15.00
back bacon benny, maple onion compote, hollandaise

The three B’s stand for back bacon benny.  I opted for extra mixed greens and ditch the potatoes (I’ve already got the fries!).  The back bacon was nicely lean and the Hollandaise sauce was nice and creamy, albeit quite thick.   Eggs were poached to medium as I had asked for.  The part I didn’t like was the biscuit – they use a herb and cheese biscuit as opposed to an English muffin and it was really hard – impossible to cut through with a knife.

Other items that my family ordered:

Wurst - Mountain Breakfast

Mountain Breakfast – $14.00
two eggs, dbl smoked bacon, stewed tomatoes, German potatoes, grilled toast

Wurst - French Toast

French Toast – $16.00
dbl smoked bacon, gouda, apple slaw, whipped cream, blueberry sauce

Wurst - Skillet

Roasted Bratwurst & Bean Skillet – $16.00
cumin & coriander baked beans, stewed tomatoes, fried eggs, german potatoes, manchego, grilled toast

Everyone was happy with the food and their selection.  Service was pretty good and attentive.  Atmosphere… it’s definitely not a quiet, sit down restaurant so it can get quite loud but we knew what we were getting into.  I definitely would love to come back and try their other food offerings!

WURST Überkitchen. Wunderbar on Urbanspoon

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