Lunch at Kinjo Sushi & Grill

Ah, Kinjo.  Depending on who you talk to, you get very mixed reviews of why you should or shouldn’t eat there.  I do hate it when I hear reasons like, oh they give you free pocky at the end! Ok, are you there for the sushi or for pocky boxes that you can pick up for a dollar at the  supermarket? Seriously. Or oh they put costumes on you and sing crazy songs to you.  Ok again, are you there for the food or for the entertainment? I’ve been a “victim” of that crazy dance/song thing at Sakana Grill many years ago with an ex… and, it might’ve been fun when I was 18, but not now. Silly me… just trying to find out what the food is like at a restaurant yet that doesn’t seem to be the focus for most patrons.  I guess I’m about to find out why that is though.

So, what prompted my visit? One Sunday, I drove to Roku and didn’t realize they close on Sundays. I then drove to Manna, and also didn’t realize they close on Sundays.  I was pretty flustered at this point and just really wanted some sushi without driving up to any more closed restaurants, and decided to give Kinjo a try.  I have friends that tell me to not bother, but since I’ve never actually been to Kinjo I decided maybe it was time for a visit.

This N.W. location is a very large restaurant (can’t remember what was there before) and it’s busy.  There’s no shortage of customers and I was happy we didn’t have to wait for a table.  Basically, you mark your items on an order sheet and then give it to the server.  I do commend the very fast service of the food (except for one item that was forgotten – that one came only after I inquired about it at the end of our meal).  Makes me wonder if some items are premade or they have very fast workers in the kitchen? On this visit I had mostly cooked items and cooked rolls.  I have to say I like the cooked food more than the sushi – I find the rolls on the small side and not filling at all.  Can’t tell you if the sashimi was fresh or not… I wouldn’t mind coming back again when I’m able to consume raw fish without guilt.

Here are various items that four of us ordered.  This post is merely serving as a pictorial guide 🙂

Kinjo - Sampler Plate

The infamous sampler plate.  Ok, this I don’t get.  There were 4 of us and they only gave us one plate.  Yet if you were a party of 1 or 2 you still get the same plate.  I know, it’s complimentary, and they don’t have to do it, but I feel that since there’s more of us we should get two plates? I can’t remember which piece I ate but it was pretty tame.

Kinjo - Kid's Fruit Plate

Kid’s Fruit Plate

One of the staff brings these to your table if there’s a child present.  My toddler loved it and happily ate most of it.

Kinjo - Green Salad

Green Salad – $3.20

Kinjo - Lobster Salad

Lobster Salad – $5.90

Kinjo - California Roll

California Roll – $3.25

Kinjo - Dynamite Roll

Dynamite Roll – $3.25

Kinjo - Salmon Sashimi

Salmon Sashimi – $4.95

Kinjo - Tamago Nigiri

Tamago Nigiri – $3.25

Kinjo - Special Scallop Nigiri

Special Scallop Nigiri – $3.75

Kinjo - Salmon Nigiri

Salmon Nigiri – $3.25

Kinjo - Chicken Udon

Chicken Udon – $4.80

Kinjo - Fried Baby Octopus

Fried Baby Octopus – $4.80

Kinjo - Chicken Katsu

Chicken Katsu – $4.80

Kinjo - Grilled Salmon

Grilled Salmon – $5.90

Kinjo - Gyoza

Gyoza – $4.80

Kinjo - Seafood Tempura

Seafood Tempura – $4.80

Kinjo - Calamari

Calamari – $4.80

Kinjo - Magic Steak

Magic Steak – $5.90

Kinjo - Unagi Roll

Unagi Roll – $3.75

Overall I think the food at Kinjo is decent – it looks as it taste.  Not bad, but not spectacular either.  I think the staff does strive for a fun and comfortable environment for the patrons… that’s why people rave about the atmosphere over the food.  Prices seem to be low, but it adds up… especially when everything is ordered in small portions it’s easy to go overboard.  I am glad I gave them a try – I was definitely not disappointed since my expectations were set pretty low to begin with but they weren’t as bad as the way my friends describe them to be.  If you’re looking for decent food with a lively atmosphere and have kids, Kinjo is definitely a great choice.  If it’s an authentic Japanese culinary experience that you’re seeking… you definitely won’t find it here.

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