New Eats in Chinatown

Ok, I’ve decided to stop being a delinquent and actually catch up on some posts today.  Seeing how that I have visited a few new restaurants in Chinatown, I have decided to do a single post on all of them.

Soluxe Restaurant

This new restaurant has taken over the spot where Harbour City Restaurant used to be, and they are very popular with Chinese.  I’ve been there a few times and noticed that their main clientele seems to be from Mainland China.  I learned that their cuisine is focused in the Northern region and there’s a HUGE variety of dishes on their menu.  Aside from their main menu, they also have some lunch specials (fried rice/noodles, meat on rice, dumplings) and sometimes they have their hand pulled noodles which for some reason they don’t make every day.

Soluxe - Scrambled Eggs with Prawns

Scrambled Eggs with Prawn – $13.95

Soft, silky, scrambled eggs with sweet crunchy shrimp tucked in here and there.  I was with a less adventurous friend this day and decided to order safe dishes.  Although this looks simple, the flavor is all there.  It’s not just simply eggs and prawn, there is sauce/marinade involved as well to give it a nice flavor.

Soluxe - Stir Fried Snow Pea Tips with Garlic

Stir Fried Snow Pea Tips with Garlic – $13.75

We all need greens! Simple greens stir fried with your choice of sauce – I generally go with garlic for snow pea tips.

Soluxe - Sliced Beef with Two Kinds of Mushrooms

Beef Filet with Two Kinds of Mushrooms – $13.95

Again, safe dish for my friend.  The beef was nice and tender in probably an oyster sauce type marinade.  He enjoyed all the dishes that I safely picked for us!

Soluxe - Xin Jiang Chicken Stew on Noodles

Xin Jiang Chicken Stew on Noodles – $17.95

On a different lunch date, my coworkers wanted to try this.  If you like heat, even with just one pepper logo on the menu, order this.  For a wimp like me who has no idea what this taste like… this was extremely spicy.  Even my coworker who loves spice found it much too spicy.  However, the dish is flavorful, and it’s nice that you can try their hand pulled noodles at the bottom which soaks up a lot of the sauce.

Soluxe - Beef Hor Fun

Fried Hor Fun (Flat Noodles) with Beef Slices – $10.95

A mild taste carb dish to go with that spicy chicken… this was a generous portion although it was lacking meat.  The noodles were cooked perfectly and was coated evenly with sauce – I also like that it’s not very greasy as this noodle dish generally needs to be fried with quite a bit of oil.  Taste wise it was decent – I’ve definitely had better.

Prices are reasonable for what they are and service is actually pretty good.  The staff remembers me after only three visits and do take care of you.  The restaurant is packed at lunch so go there early or make reservations!

Soluxe Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Lucky Place

This has taken over… I don’t even remember what was the previous restaurant, quite frankly, as it has switched ownership a few times.  However, my friends and I that day decided to give it a try with the expectation of some cheap eats.

No prices, sorry.  We all paid cash and I didn’t take the receipt with me.

LP - Congee

Century Egg and Shredded Pork Congee

This was a surprise – it was a really good bowl of congee.  Soft, fluffy, and served boiling hot with ample amount of ingredients, it was also seasoned perfectly.

LP - Jia Liang

Jia Liang (Deep Fried Long Donut wrapped in Rice Crepe)

This is like the usual pairing with congee (or just the regular long donut)… kinda like how fries and gravy go together.  I found the actual donut part a bit soft but the crepe part was thin and soft.  Served with your usual sesame and sweet hoisin sauce.

LP - Ginger Chicken

Ginger Chicken

This was another surprise.  It was not heavily breaded like the usual ginger beef culprit and every strip was white meat.  The sauce was also more on the gingery/mildly spicy side than sweet.  The owner told us this was made upon order – meaning they freshly slice up the chicken, bread it and then freshly fry it up!

LP - Beef Hor Fun

Fried Hor Fun (Flat Noodles) with Beef Slices

Maybe it’s my taste buds, but I found this dish very mild and greasy (no complaints from my friends) so I didn’t want to eat it anymore after one bowl.  There was a good amount of meat in it but again, the taste was not there.

Prices are also quite reasonable – I believe it was $12 for each of us after tip and we had leftovers.  Service was generally friendly although one of the servers was a bit strange.  For example, when we walked in, he asked us how many people in our party was.  I said three, and he looked so confused and said three? Yes, three! And again he’s like three? Both of my friends said yes, three! Finally, he’s like what about the people behind you? I don’t know… who freakin’ cares who’s behind me.  If I say three then it’s three! Then when it came to ordering, he starts walking away before I was even finished and I had to call him back.  Maybe he was just new, confused, busy, or something, but things like this do leave a bad impression.  However, I was impressed by the food and will definitely come back.

Lucky Place Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Auntie’s Chinese Burger

This little eatery opened up recently in Far East Shopping Centre and has been busy every lunch hour.  They are quite small… I think 8 small tables in total and have a small menu that they focus on noodles and Chinese burgers, which is really a xiao bing (Chinese pancake) stuffed with your choice of meats.  My dining companion and I decided to go for their combos today since it lets you try three items at an extremely reasonable price ($7.99 for pork; $8.49 for beef and $8.99 for lamb).

AB - Combo

Beef Burger Combo

AB - Soup

Beef Bone Soup

This was a very light tasting broth – so mild in flavor that it can almost double as water.

AB - Cold Noodles

Steamed Cold Noodles

Jelly-like noodles, but not quite like the green bean starch sheets, the noodles have no taste on their own so it’s dependent on the sauce.  It tasted like a vinegary soy sauce topped with some firm tofu cubes, julienne cucumbers, bean sprouts and cilantro.  I feel like it needs to be doused in hot sauce b/c the taste was very mild.

AB - Beef Burger

Beef Burger

Again, essentially a Chinese pancake stuffed with your choice of meats and we chose ground beef.  The meat was actually seasoned very nicely and was flavorful, but it was soaking with oil.  I can’t even say grease b/c after we lifted our “burger” out of the basket, there was a pool of oil at the bottom, and oil just kept dripping out of it as we ate it.  I don’t know if I would order this again… it’s also not as special as I thought it would be.

Overall, cheap food and it comes out relatively fast, although they really need to adjust the flavors on some items.  I definitely do want to come back and try their wontons in chicken soup and some other kind of tossed noodles though! They do have a water/tea station that you can help yourself to.  Service was pretty good – if you don’t speak Mandarin, no fret.  You can mark down the items you want on an order sheet and hand it to the friendly server.  Do note that they are cash only at this point, and again, fills up fast at lunch!

Auntie's Chinese Burger on Urbanspoon

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