Lunch at Symons Roadhouse

My blog posts have been far and few in between due to a major life event.  I recently gave birth to a beautiful daughter who has added much joy (and a lot of work) to our family and well, I’m honestly over the moon.  Words cannot describe everything though… from the moment I found out that I was pregnant… and then found out that it was going to be a girl… to a pregnancy that seems like it’ll never end, and when she finally arrived it just seems so surreal! No need to pinch me though, I know I’m not dreaming 😉

Anyways, I’m sort of in the mood to do a short post while she’s dreaming about boobies and blankies so I thought I should catch up on a lunch I had at Symons Roadhouse a few months back.  As most know, they are attached to the Symons Valley Ranch Farmers Market, with menu items sourced directly from the farmers market itself.  I was there to try the lobster poutine which was a feature for poutine week.

Here’s what we tried today:

SR - Lobster Poutine

Lobster Poutine – $17
marscapone, lobster butter sauce

What I came here for.  The fries were nicely thick and crispy, but the lobster meat was far and few in between.  Because they were also in such small pieces it didn’t matter whether it was lobster or something else… The butter sauce, acting as the gravy, was drowning the fries in the bottom half and it became a bit gross to eat near the end.  Fries smother in gravy = good.  Fries smothered in butter = meh.  Personally I prefer the version from Brava Bistro.

SR - Smoked Wings

Smoked Wings – $14
Memphis seasoning, chimichurri aioli

Great smokey flavors, but definitely on the steep side on pricing for only nine small wings.  The meat itself was fresh and succulent and the chimichurri aioli was pretty tasty with small hints of the herbed mixture.  I would come back and get this on their half-priced wing night on Wednesdays.

SR - Bison Burger

Bison Burger – $16
rustic bun, bacon, sylvan star gouda

Hubby and my brother L both got this and enjoyed it immensely.  I tried a bite and thought the bison had great flavors.

SR - Linguine Carbonara

Linguine Carbonara – $18
bacon, egg, parmesan

I got a pasta to share with my toddler, and I found this way, way, way too creamy and saucy.  While I was not expecting the dry, tossed version being served here, the creaminess of the sauce completely overpowers everything and it was too rich and heavy to eat this.  Good thing my toddler isn’t as picky and had no problems helping mommy eat this.

I will say the food was a hit and miss for me on this visit, but I wouldn’t mind returning to try their other offerings.  Service was decent – our server seemed new and inexperienced but he was nice.  Even though the food is sourced from the market itself, the prices are definitely on the high side in relation to portion sizes.

Symons Roadhouse on Urbanspoon

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