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I was recently approached by Andrew to try out, a website where you can order pickup or delivery from various local restaurants from the comfort of your computer.  Given that I have recently given birth, ordering takeout is inevitable so I jumped at the opportunity.  I’m not new to these types of websites but with the ones I used before, I found that the restaurant choices were quite limited.  Imagine my surprise when some familiar restaurant names popped up.  You begin by entering your postal code and select whether it’s for delivery or pick up.  Different restaurants will pop up depending on your choice:

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If you choose delivery the charges will show up, which ranges from $4 to $10, and some impose a minimum order fee as well.  Prices are determined by the restaurant.  For either methods an estimated time is also provided.

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I find that the pick up choices are slightly more limited for some odd reason.  For example, Sushi Bistro Anzu only does delivery and not pickup.  So for my order, I decided to do takeout from Jerusalem Shawarma.  Given that I live fairly close to them and after taking delivery charges and tipping into account, it makes sense to pick up the food myself.  For restaurants that are further though I would definitely do delivery.

So go ahead and click on the restaurant of your choice…

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and check out what you want to eat…

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customize your food, type in extra requests, etc., then…

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create an account to save for future use!

To finalize your order, type in your name, phone number and method of payment of your choice.  I prepaid with my credit card to save time.

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After you submit your order, you will be assigned an order number.  The restaurant will confirm your order within 20 minutes with an estimated pickup time.  Around the 7 minute mark I got my confirmation via email:

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I went exactly at 7:30pm to pick up my order and there it was… waiting for me.  Staff was efficient and had everything ready, which is nice.  How often have we called for takeout to arrive at the restaurant and the food is still not ready to go? Definitely huge kudos to the restaurant for having my order ready at the promised time.

So from the time I finalized my order (6:55pm) it took 35 minutes to get my food.  If I chose delivery it would’ve been an hour or so.  I think that’s a reasonable time frame.  I was actually wondering what happens if I don’t get a confirmation after 20 minutes, but I didn’t get a chance to find out.

In my opinion, this ordering system is very simple to use.  Now you might wonder, why wouldn’t you just pick up the phone and order that way instead? Quite frankly, for people like me who does a lot of things online, sometimes I am just too lazy to pick up the phone (and no busy dial tones, no waiting on hold, save some time!) Here, you can pre-order your items and with large orders you can review everything before submitting to ensure there are no errors!

Overall I was satisfied with my experience and would not hesitate to use this system again.  And while we’re at it, look at the yummy Mediterranean food that Jerusalem Shawarma serves!

Dinner for three platter – $45.00

Beef and chicken kebab (3 each), saffron rice, choice of two large salads, large hummus, large garlic potatoes, baklavas (3) and container of tahini sauce

JS - Dinner for three (1)

JS - Joined

JS - Dinner for three (4)

2 thoughts on “ – online pickup and delivery ordering system

  1. Avoid this company. They have terrible customer service. Had ordered through them a few times and then recently purchased a Groupon for them. When attempting to redeem, it came up as invalid. After talking to customer support, it turns out that the Groupon was for new customers only (which was not stated on the fine print). They refused to give the discount or even refund the money I originally spent on the Groupon, claiming it was “out of their hands.”

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