Dinner at Saffron Mantra

The other day, J texted me and asked hey, have you been to Saffron Mantra? I can’t find your review.  Oh right, I’m still the occasional food blogger hey? Nowadays I’d much rather be playing with my super adorably cute and cuddly baby but this review is quite long overdue I guess…

Saffron Mantra is a new Indian-French fusion restaurant that has opened up in the Huntington neighborhood for a few months now.  The location is a bit hidden inside a strip mall and its predecessor was a bar or lounge of some sort.  The restaurant was on my radar and when Groupon sold a voucher… I of course couldn’t pass it up.  I was very excited to try out the restaurant from the very delicious looking food pictures that was posted!

Here’s what we tried tonight:

SM - Mango Smoothie

Mango Smoothie

Delicious mango smoothie that tastes more like a mango milkshake! Hubby and my toddler both enjoyed this immensely.

SM - Roasted Cumin Lemon Prawns

Roasted Cumin Lemon Prawns – $10.95

The prawns were nicely crunchy, but the lemon flavor was much too strong and overpowered the entire dish.  I also prefer the mashed potato to be creamier.

SM - Saffron’s Coconut Calamari

Saffron’s Coconut Calamari – $10.95

The calamari rings were very lightly breaded and coated in a delicious coconut and lemongrass sauce.  I love how perfectly tender the calamari was! This is a nice change from the usual deep fried breaded version.

SM - Kashmiri Rogan Josh

Kashmiri Rogan Josh – $17.95

Hubby decided to try this lamb stew and thought it was well done. The blend of spices makes a very enjoyable sauce and the lamb was cooked perfectly.  The rice was nice and fluffy and the vegetables were perfectly crisp.

SM - Spice Scented Cornish Hen

Spice Scented Cornish Hen – $16.95

This was my entree and I opted for double vegetables as it normally comes with their mashed potato.  I appreciate that the cornish hen halves were deboned where needed so it was easier to eat.  The meat was seasoned perfectly and the mushroom demi paired it nicely without being overpowering.  I also quite enjoyed the lingonberry chutney as it added a sweet and slighty tart contrast.

SM - Kids Special Burger

Kids Special Burger – $7.95

This burger was for my toddler and it was huge! Nice, thick patty that was lightly seasoned and topped with cheese, tomato and lettuce.  Served with a giant heaping of fries.

SM - Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice – $7.95

Gulab Jamun and vanilla ice cream.  The sweetness of the Gulab Jamum gets neutralized by the not overly sweet vanilla ice cream.  Genius pairing but the portion is quite small.

With the exception of the prawn appetizer, I really enjoyed the food at Saffron Mantra and would not hesitate to return.  We were served by the owner that night and although he seemed nice, his service was quite indifferent – like he wasn’t interested in serving us at all.  The only one other table seemed to be a regular and he was more interested in engaging conversation there rather than chat up with new customers.  I was a bit disappointed as I was hoping to learn more about him and the fusion ideas, but hey, it is what it is.  However, I do recommend the food and if you’re looking for something new, definitely give them a try!

Saffron Mantra on Urbanspoon

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