Lunch at Sushi Bistro Anzu

Oh Wa’s, why did you close so abruptly? Rhetorical question, I like many others were sadden by the news. I didn’t even get a chance to eat your chirashi deluxe and say good bye! Thankfully, another sushi place has taken over and they actually serve some great Japanese eats as well! I have been here a few times (lunch only) and have not left disappointed, and will still have to try their dinner.  What impressed me is the fresh fish and well made sushi.  Cooked food is done fairly well for the most part.

They have some lunch sets for $14 and it comes in a variety of combinations.  All of the pictures below are from several visits.

Anzu - Lunch Set B

Sushi, Tonkatsu and Teri Chicken

Anzu - Lunch Set A

Sashimi, Tempura and Teri Chicken

Tempura is light and crispy, and I like how its served with grated ginger and daikon.  Teri Chicken is fried battered chicken in a teriyaki sauce.

Anzu - Lunch Combo A

Sushi, Tempura and Yakiniku Beef

I found the beef to be on the tough side but like that the sauce is not too sweet.

Anzu - Lunch Combo E (3)

Anzu - Lunch Combo E (2)

Anzu - Lunch Combo E (1)

Chirashi and Tanuki Soba Noodles Set

Anzu - Sushi Set

Sushi Lunch – $14

Anzu - Sushi Lunch Time Lover

Sushi Lunch Time Lover – $27

The two above combos are essentially the same thing, with the lover set being made for two people and you save a dollar.  It has six pieces of nigiri – salmon, tuna, cooked shrimp, cajun shrimp, red snapper and the last piece is whatever fresh feature they have.  The first time I had red tuna and the second time it was hamachi.  Great fish to rice ratio, fish is skillfully cut, fresh and creamy and oh, I think I found my favorite California roll here! It is really creamy thanks to the kewpie mayo… yum.

Anzu - Nigiri

Nigiri: Special Scallop – $3.00, Ikura with Uzura – $3.50

Ikura was the feature that day and it was so fresh! I didn’t like the chopped scallop as much – it reminded me of Wa’s version and I never liked theirs.  It’s savoury and I can’t taste the sweetness of the scallop – something about the mayo they use.

Anzu - Nigiri (2)

Nigiri: Special Scallop – $3.00, Red Tuna – $4.00, Propeller Clam – $3.00

It was my first time trying the clam and I was disappointed it was chopped up as opposed to being served the whole piece.  It has a crunchy texture but not much taste.

Anzu - Salmon Sashimi

Salmon Sashimi – $2.50

Anzu - Small Daily Dish

Salad, Pickles, Small Daily Dish

Comes with all lunch sets.

Anzu - Miso Soup

Miso Soup

Comes with all lunch sets.  Not overly salty and has a pleasant sweetness from the miso.

Anzu - Tonkotsu Ramen

Tonkotsu Ramen – $12

I only tried the broth and found it flavorful and creamy.

I am happy to have another great Japanese restaurant where I can satisfy my sushi cravings! I will say the prices are a bit high which is why I’ve only been coming for lunch as the combos are more economical and reasonable.  Service has been good – a couple of the servers already recognize me (or maybe just my kids) and they’re really nice.  I do wish they would make the same chirashi deluxe that Wa’s did though.

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