Dinner at Sho Sushi Bar & Kitchen

J and I had our once-in-a-blue-moon shopping dates.  Well, we were shopping at Chinook of course, and I wanted sushi.  Doesn’t this sound familiar? Almost a routine! Since I haven’t tried Sho I decided it was the time! I can’t remember where I heard this from but they are supposedly opened by Sakana Grill.  I knew it wouldn’t be an authentic sushi experience but I didn’t really care – authentic doesn’t always guarantee best tasting food! Here’s what we tried tonight:

Sho - Appy

Complimentary Small Bites

I noticed the hostess filling these plates as I walked into the restaurant.  No worries, she was wearing gloves while preparing.  It’s just an assortment of salted peanuts, roasted seaweed strips and kimchi.  Nothing special, but a nice gesture.

Sho - Salmon Sashimi

Salmon Sashimi – $6 for 3 pcs

J’s must order! She was happy with the thick cut and noted that they were fresh.

Sho - Seared Grilled Roll (1) Sho - Seared Grilled Roll (2)

Seared Grilled Roll – $8.50

Aburi items are seared at table side and drizzled with a sweet sauce.  I remember Sakana having this roll and it was really good there, so I decided to try it here.   The inside is unagi and avocado while the outside is salmon and toro.  For some reason it didn’t taste as good… I remember the one at Sakana was creamy and melt-in-your-mouth.

Sho - Aburi Nigiri

Seared Grilled Sushi – $2.20/pc

Aburi sushi is simply a cheat for pregnant woman.  My doctor would definitely disagree, but you know, when cravings hit they hit hard! The scallop was pretty decent as was the salmon, but the toro just did not have that creaminess to it.

Sho - Nigiri

Sockeye Salmon Nigiri – $2.20; Special Scallop Crispy Sushi – $2.20

Ok I cheated more than a little… special scallop is one of my favorites so I try it everywhere I go! I like the one here – the scallop mixed with a rich, creamy mayo and this crispy version, which uses a wonton skin as opposed to seaweed is a nice twist.

Sho - Gyoza

Gyoza – $7.90

J always order gyozas and have to say these ones were really good.  Meaty, juicy and a thin wrap – I don’t know if they were made in house but I really enjoyed them! Very nicely seasoned – the dipping sauce wasn’t even needed.

Sho - Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings – $5

BBQ’d with a garlic seasoning.  They were decent but fairly tiny – I prefer my wings to be meatier.

Sho - Smoked Duck Salad

Smoke Duck Salad – $10.50

I wouldn’t really call this a salad.  I was expecting a bowl of greens topped with slices of smoked duck and this arrived.  This pretty much tasted as it looks – I didn’t taste miso in the dressing.  I also prefer fattier duck slices.

Sho - Rainbow Roll

Rainbow Roll – $8.50

Not like the traditional version, this one has tempura shrimp in place of the creamy pollock mixture and also has the addition of mango to it.  I love how vibrant this looks.

I thought the food in general was good but I wouldn’t order the smoke duck “salad” again.  Service was pretty good and prices are ok – I actually hate ordering like this because your tab adds up fast! When you order a bunch of small things you can’t really tell how much you’ve spent until they bring you the bill at the end.  I wouldn’t mind returning when I’m in the area.

Sho Sushi Bar & Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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