Revisit to Kirin; Traditional Sushi at Maumi

Ah Vancouver/Richmond.  Do you know how much I love you? Ok, I love your endless selection of tasty eats… to the point where my palate has been spoiled and I no longer like eating in Calgary.  Sometimes I hate being a foodie.  You end up being so picky that ordinary eats no longer interests you and eating out becomes a battle with your family because you can’t agree where to go eat.  This trip, quite frankly, I have no idea how I even convinced hubby to go because it was just a long overdue food trip for me.  He stated the obvious, we’re going to Vancouver to eat.  Yup.  And I’m planning one more before I go back to work next July!

Dim Sum at Kirin

Since my last visit to Kirin, I have decided it was a must revisit because I really enjoyed the food there. I still need to come back for dinner one of these days! Although the prices are slightly higher, the quality of the dim sum is definitely there.  I also like how they switch up their selection of dim sum and have monthly features.  Variety is the spice of life!!

Here’s what we ordered:

Kirin - Stir Fried Pork Cheek and Squash

Stir Fried Pork Cheek and Squash

The pork cheek meat slices are fatty and crunchy.  Hmmmmmm! The squash is ‘sing gwa’ – I cannot find an English name for it but it is a type of squash with a crunch texture.  The sauce is salty and garlicky and just tasty.

Kirin - BBQ Pork Rice Roll

BBQ Pork Rice Roll

Easiest to feed my toddler with.  The rice roll is firm and smooth and has a good amount of bbq pork filling.

Kirin - Eggplant with Shrimp Mousse

Pan Fried Eggplant with Shrimp Mousse

I appreciate that the sauce is served separately so this doesn’t become a soggy mess by the time it comes to your table.  Shrimp mousse is nicely crunchy and the entire thing is fried up nicely.

Kirin - Deep Fried Taro Dumplings

Deep Fried Taro Dumplings

Haven’t had these forever! This was an add-on when a server came by with a tray full and see if we were interested.  The fried shell is light, crispy and fluffy and the taro and meat mixture inside is just seasoned enough.

Kirin - Grilled Baby Octopus

Grilled Baby Octopus in Brown Sauce

Crunchy, tender baby octopus in a soy/oyster sauce type mixture.

Kirin - Deep Fried Shrimp Bean Curd Roll

Deep Fried Shrimp Bean Curd Roll

My favorite bean curd roll, ever.  The roll is battered and deep fried so the whole thing is light and crispy! Normally the bean curd is just grilled/pan fried and I like this version much more!

Kirin - Supreme Dumpling

Supreme Dumpling

I had to get this again because I miss the rich, in-depth flavors of the broth! Still taste as good as before 🙂

Kirin - Ginger Egg Custard

Double Boiled Milk with Ginger Juice

Another thing I had to get again, but merely as a dessert of course.  How can one not love the fluffy, smooth texture?

No prices posted since the servers took the receipt away after I paid.  To me, Kirin is one of the better Chinese restaurants for dim sum and I will keep going back there.  Service is very efficient and professional although I wish the staff would smile a bit more, but that’s Chinese service for you I guess!

Kirin Seafood Restaurant 麒麟海鮮酒家 on Urbanspoon

Dinner at Sushi Bar Maumi

I discovered Maumi through Urbanspoon.  As you know, I love traditional and authentic Japanese eats and when I saw that’s what they specialized, it was a must try for me.  I love that they have fresh fish flown in from Japan! The restaurant is fairly new and really tiny… like others have said, seats only nine but there are a couple of tables outside as well.  We definitely had a feast that night!

Maumi - Aji

Aji – $22

Hubby was dying for some horse mackerel and when we saw it on the menu, he was thrilled and ordered the whole fish.  This was fantastic.  Buttery, smooth, firm, fresh of course and just… let’s just say hubby wanted more after this.

Maumi - Chicken Karaage

Chicken Karaage – $4.75

I really love and appreciate that the wings are deboned – so much easier to cut them up for my toddler to eat!

Maumi - Chef's Choice Sashimi

Chef’s Choice Sashimi – $21 or 25 (can’t remember) for four types

We were given red tuna, grey mullet, red seabream and Japanese seabass (if I remember correctly).  Each piece was delicately cut and of course, fresh.

Maumi - Chef's Choice Nigiri

Chef’s Choice Nigiri – $25

Seriously, why are assorted sushi combos SO BORING mostly everywhere else? This is what I like! You have a selection of the specialty fish from Japan for such a fantastic price.  None of the usual stuff like salmon, tuna and shrimp.  This was so good.  Skillfully cut with such delicate flavors, and not fish that you commonly get.

Maumi - Chirashi Deluxe

Chirashi Deluxe – $18

Hubby loves his chirashi and this version did not disappoint.  You get a combination of the usual fish but also a few pieces of the fancy stuff.  Fantastic selection for the price.

Maumi - Tsuri Aji

Tsuri Aji – $45

Hubby wanted more aji, and decided to splurge to get this one instead.  The taste is sweeter, and the texture is still firm, buttery and also fattier.  Honestly for the amount of fish you get the price is not bad at all.

Maumi - Bone

Aji – Bone

The server will deep fry the fish bone for you after to enjoy if you order the full fish!

Maumi - California Roll

California Roll – $3.50

Anytime you see me order California Roll, it is for my toddler.  I didn’t try it but he happily ate it all.

Maumi - Chopped Scallop Nigiri

Chopped Scallop Nigiri – $2.00/pc

Hubby and I both tried a piece of this and it was really good! Sweet, creamy with fresh scallop bits.

Maumi - Negi Toro Maki

Negi Toro Roll – $3.00

I needed something to end our delicious meal and this did the trick! The toro is creamy and melt in your mouth, and I love the delicate slivers of green onions.  I like that it’s not mixed up so you can taste each component separately.

The food was just so good overall and prices are definitely cheap (even if we spent a lot!).  Service was really good and I would love to come back here the next time I’m in town.

Sushi Bar Maumi on Urbanspoon

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