Anniversary Dinner at Lava Dining

This year, hubby and I celebrated our anniversary at Lava Dining, a new French-Asian fusion restaurant in the heart of Kensington.  A glance of their menu showed some interesting dishes, and when we arrived we found out they are doing some fixed price menus that changes every month! Since their set menu actually consists of the dishes that I was planning to try, it was a no brainer that I went with it.  We decided to the three course ($40) as opposed to four ($45) which includes a starter soup du jour.

This menu was from September.

LD - Kakuni Asian Taco

Kakuni Asian Taco – $3.50

This was not on the set menu but anything with the words pork belly usually captures my attention, so I ordered one to try.  It’s funny that they call a bao (steamed bun) a taco though! The bao itself was soft and chewy, but I thought the meat itself could use a tad more sauce/seasoning.

LD - Seared Albacore Tuna Salad

Seared Albacore Tuna Salad

This was hubby’s choice from the set menu.  The tuna pieces were seared nicely and everything tasted great on the plate.

LD - Chicken Karaage Salad

Chicken Karaage Salad

I love chicken karaage when it’s done properly, and the one here is definitely that.  It has a very nice soy flavor marinated into the meat and I love that it’s only lightly fried.  This plate makes me want to order a full size one!

LD - Rib Eye

Alberta Beef Rib Eye

Yes, hubby loves his beef! The meat was nice and tender and the demi-glace had a pleasant savouriness to it, which also had a hint of sweetness.  The vegetables were cooked to tender and the whipped potatoes were nicely creamy, yet nothing will ever quite compare to the one at L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon.

LD - Duck Duo

Duo of Brome Lake Duck

I like my duck as much as hubby likes his beef.  This was a really tasty dish.  The duck breast was seared nicely although I like it to be a tad more rare and perhaps for the meat to be fattier.  I really like the velvety texture of the pasta of the agnolotti and it makes me crave for more.

LD - Creme Brulee

Citrus Lavender Creme Brulee

Creamy creme brulee with strong notes of lavender (great if you like lavender).

LD - Matcha Cake

Green Tea Bavarian Sandwich Cake

Not sure why I thought this was an ice cream cake so I was a bit disappointed (totally my fault), but the dessert itself was nice.  The cake was nicely soft with good matcha flavors and the chantilly cream was not too sweet.

Really nice set menu overall with all items on their regular menu, although I found the portions to be on the small side as I was not full… although breastfeeding moms do tend to eat more! Gave me a chance to try out WOW Chicken next door :p Service was really great and I love the trendy renovations they did to the place (huge change from the previous Urban Rice).  I would not hesitate to come back and next time I will order from their actual menu instead.

Lava Dining on Urbanspoon

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