Lunch at Guu Richmond

I picked Guu for lunch because they had what seemed like cheap prices on their menu, and the reviews seem promising. Since we were in Richmond that morning, we decided to visit the location in Aberdeen Centre. I kind of wish we didn’t… while the food was ok, it was nothing special and prices are actually high for the portions! Service was also not very good.  We were actually asked what we wanted to eat without given menus, and throughout the meal it was pretty lackluster.

Here’s what we tried today:

Guu - Salmon Yukke

Salmon Yukke – $3.00

A small portion (justified for the price) of small bits of salmon in a sweet sauce, served with a quail egg on the side along with shrimp chips for scooping.  This really was nothing special but definitely cheap.

Guu - Lunch Set

Guu - Mini Unagi Don

Guu - Mini Chirashi Don

Mini Donburi Lunch Set – $11.80

Hubby decided to go for their lunch specials, which allow you to choose two mini donburi for $9.80, $10.80 or $11.80.  This was the assorted sashimi on rice and the grilled eel on rice.  The fish was fresh.  I will say this was a decent deal and overall it was tasty.

Guu - Uni Ikura Don

Uni Ikura Don – $14.80

I can’t believe for the price, they only gave one piece of uni and one spoonful of salmon roe, yet packed the container with rice. Had I known they were going to be chintzy on the sashimi, I would not have ordered this.  Even though it was fresh, it was very poor value.  Compare to the chirashi deluxe at Maumi for only $3.20 more, this uni ikura was just shabby in comparison.

Guu - Chopped Scallop Nigiri

Chopped Scallop Nigiri – $3.00/pc

Guu - Toro, Hamachi Nigiri

Toro and Hamachi Nigiri – $3.00/pc

The nigiri was pretty decent and once again fresh.  Nothing much to comment on but also a bit on the high price.  We didn’t even know they served nigiri until we asked because they didn’t give us the nigiri menu.

Definitely an unsatisfying meal.  For a $70+ bill we were not full and didn’t feel like we ate much.

Guu Richmond on Urbanspoon

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