Best places I’ve eaten at in 2014 (Calgary)

Here’s a review of the best places I’ve ate at this year!

List is in no particular order.

Roku - Sashimi

Sushi at Roku

Opened in 2014, it has quickly become a favorite for authentic Japanese eats.  You can always count on them for expertly skilled cut fish, fresh selection and delicately prepared dishes.

VC - Mushroom Benedict (1)

Brunch at Vendome

A very busy and popular brunch place just a bit outside of Kensington and part of the Teatro group, this little cafe serves up great coffee and some signature dishes including their salted caramel french toast.  Their mushroom Benedict is simply to die for.

BPB - Chicken Liver Pate

Dinner at Black Pig Bistro

This new eatery just opened up in the past year serving up delicious Spanish dishes with some of the best tapas I’ve had.  The chicken liver pate and their housemade pork dogs are a must try!

Song Huong - Bun Bo Hue

Vietnamese Eats at Song Huong

You can find homestyle Vietnamese eats at this hidden gem.  Featuring dishes not commonly found at your average Vietnamese restaurants, there is something for everyone.  Low prices coupled with tasty eats quickly became a go-to place for me.

RB - Crispy Rice Cakes

Modern Vietnamese Eats at Raw Bar

Chef Duncan Ly has revamped Raw Bar with some signature modern Vietnamese dishes which features new creations every season.  You can find creative twists on your traditional fare.  Expect delicious eats paired with five star service.

Hapa Izakaya - Cheese Tofu

Tapas at Hapa Izakaya

Not reviewed on my blog yet, this popular chain has already rooted in Vancouver and Toronto, so it was a welcoming breath of fresh air to have them in Calgary.  This restaurant has your popular izakaya items, and my heart belongs to their cheese tofu which I’m still trying to recreate.

303 - Honey Mustard Chicken

Taiwanese Eats at 303 Fusion Kitchen

Also not reviewed on my blog yet, this new, tiny restaurant has a Westernized Chinese menu along with a small one featuring Taiwanese eats.  The flavors are authentic, and their fried chicken which is a staple item in Taiwan street eats is my favorite in the city.

Soluxe - Beef Mushroom

Chinese Food at Soluxe Restaurant

This new Chinese restaurant serves up a variety of dishes focusing the Northern Region.  I was pleasantly surprised by the deep flavors and they’re not like your usual Chinese restaurant.  You can go with the safe picks like this tasty beef and mushrooms on broccoli or go for the bold, spicy dishes.

AA Joined

Special mention #1: Asian Association Dinner with Chefs Duncan Ly, Roy Oh and Hayato Okamitsu

Foodies got a real treat back in June when the three chefs collaborated to do a fundraiser dinner.  Each chef brought their experiences and signature styles into cooking each dish and I think the burning question here is, when is the next collaboration dinner?

NTNL - Duck Burger

Special mention #2: Duck Burger at National on 10th for YYC Burger Week

Ground duck meat with duck foie gras in the center… a real treat for duck lovers.  How I wish this was a regular item on their menu! Please consider it National?

That’s it for 2014! Keep on chowing down, YYC!


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