Review of Organic Matcha from Kiss Me Organics (Canada)

This is a really long overdue review.  I mean, really long.  I was contacted by the company some months ago to do a review and well, life got in the way.  Although I love matcha, I don’t use it often in baking or cooking and with a new baby, I just didn’t have a lot of time to experiment.  And I forget.  So here it is finally!

If you use matcha powder, you know that every brand is different and the prices range greatly.  The last container I bought was a tiny little 40g canister for $7 and it was the Uji type from Japan.  When Kiss Me Organics contacted me and see if I want to try their USDA organic matcha powder, I was pretty excited.

Matcha Organic (5)

Matcha Organic (7)

Here is the package.  You also get an eBook with the purchase of this product that contains recipes and uses for the matcha powder.  I like that it’s in a resealable pouch.

So first things first, here’s a closer look of the actual powder:

Matcha Organic (8)

It’s a yellowish green hue, very fine texture and is fragrant.

Here’s some of the things I have done with it:

Matcha Organic (6)

Simple tea test.  Personally I prefer my green tea to be in the leaf form but I do have to try the powder this way as well.  Not bad.  Mildly fragrant.  Smooth and not bitter.  I have some super strong bitter matcha powder from Taiwan that is quite difficult to drink so this is a nice surprise!

Next, add it to my almond milk…

Matcha Organic (1)

Matcha Organic (2)

There is definitely still matcha flavor but not as strong, mainly because it is added to a cold drink.  So yes to taste, no to smell.

Matcha Organic (3)

I got a friend to incorporate it into buttercream icing for cupcakes, and it turned out really well! It’s a nice color and very good flavor.

Matcha Organic (4)

I then incorporate them into my matcha cookies and mmmmm.  Great flavor.  Really fragrant.  I only wish the color was a bit more vibrant on my cookies!

Matcha Organic (9)

I thought I’d do something savoury so I tried a matcha butter sauce to be used with protein (I went with chicken).  I noticed that the color turned into a really dark green once it was cooked but did not affect the taste.

Matcha Organic

Matcha butter – try it on bread or scones!

I will update this post as I continue to try more recipes.   I didn’t want to do just smoothies (you can’t even see it in the smoothie once it’s blended in anyway) so I was looking for ways to actually showcase the matcha.  Overall I think this matcha powder is great for baking (as it is culinary grade), and it taste pretty decent as a tea.  I also learned that the company has a ceremonial grade matcha powder as well and I think I may give it a try after I’m done this pouch.  I think for the price this is a great buy given that it is organic and it is quite a huge bag which will last you quite some time!

You can buy this product here:


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