Ikemen Ramen Bar

Cue emotional mommy blurb…

I dropped off my baby girl at the dayhome this morning.  Was it ever emotional.  You’d think I’d control myself better since it’s the second time around but wow, do kids ever grow fast! Just turned one at the blink of an eye and yes, that means I’m going back to work real soon (next week, whoopie-doo).  Even though I have been dying for some me time, I am sure going to miss hanging out with her every day.

Anyhow, we did spend the day yesterday (Canada Day) as a family and prior to checking out what the city had planned for our country’s Birthday, we also decided to check out Ikemen for lunch.  I’ve been hearing some mixed reviews for the place but as I do enjoy a bowl of good ramen, I of course had to see for myself.

Here’s what we ordered today:

Ikemen - Salmon Sashimi

Salmon Sashimi (3 pcs) – $6

Besides the obvious ramen, Ikemen has other eats such as Japanese treats and of course – sushi/sashimi.  This was on their specials chalkboard and the fact that I always want raw fish, I decided to try out the sashimi here.  Not bad.  Nicely cut, nicely cooled and fresh.

Ikemen - Bluefin Negi Toro Roll

Bluefin Negi-toro Roll – $7

This is my favorite hosomaki.  The toro was velvety and smooth with a decent amount of chopped negi, but what surprised me was that there was wasabi in the roll! As you know I’m quite the sushi purist, I prefer that wasabi is added directly to my sushi as that is the traditional way.   The kick from the wasabi was quite pleasant – it was just enough and not overpowering.  However, I think the staff should mention to you that’s how they serve it – I have friends who don’t care for wasabi and would send this back if they didn’t know ahead of time.

Ikemen - Rainbow Roll

Rainbow Roll – $15

My son didn’t want noodles and excitedly said he wanted sushi so I got this for him as there is tobiko in it (his favorite).  Can you tell that I’m training him to be quite the sushi enthusiast? Lol.  Instead of the pollock mixture, there’s julienne cucumber, really creamy avocado and tobiko inside the roll, then topped with an assortment of fish.  This was pretty decent but I felt that it was a touch pricey for what it is.

Ikemen - Miso Ramen

Miso Ramen – $11.95

Ikemen - Shio Ramen

Shio Ramen – $11.95

Being also quite the ramen purist, I went with the most basic flavour – shio.  The broth here at Ikemen is different than your usual pork – it is made with chicken and you can certainly taste the difference.  It’s not as salty but has a cleaner taste, although personally I prefer the pork stock.  However, this one is good too! Hubby definitely enjoyed the miso.  As for the noodles, it has the similar texture as the packaged ones – somewhat thick, chewy and bouncy and it was cooked nicely.  In terms of toppings, you get a sous vide poached egg, one thick slice of pork belly and a couple slices of chicken roulade type thing – all of the meat was seasoned very nicely.

Ikemen - Green Tea Creme Brulee

Green Tea Creme Brulee – $8

Ikemen - Yuzu Panna Cotta

Yuzu Panna Cotta – $6

We couldn’t leave without trying their desserts! Both were prepared quite well except I thought the yuzu flavor in the panna cotta was a bit weak.  I like the frozen berries on top – sure gave it a nice contrast!

I was actually hoping to try the sea urchin ice cream but it was sadly sold out.  That’s ok, it means I have to come back again, right?

Overall it was a pretty good lunch and I wouldn’t hesitate to return! Service was pretty good – food came out at a decent pace as it wasn’t busy and I love how spacious the restaurant is.  Next time I would come back and try their Japanese eats – like their unagi poutine!

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