Wishlist Visits: Misato Sushi, Ohh La La Patisserie and Bazille

Since I had a couple days all to myself before heading back to work, I decided to go check out some of the restaurants on my wishlist. I picked these restaurants based on errands I had to run that day just to wisely utilize my time. It was actually nice going around to do things without having to haul the carseat and/or stroller, not having to worry about getting the kids fed before I eat, etc etc. Yes, me time!

Misato Sushi

I’ve actually gotten takeout from Misato before but was not that impressed with my meal that one time (link to review), so I decided to dine in and see if it was any different.

Misato - Miso Soup

Miso Soup

Standard tasting miso soup that comes with your lunch bento.

Misato - Bento B Beef

Bento Box B with Beef – $12.95

In this bento box you get sashimi, tempura, teriyaki beef (choice of chicken or beef), a small salad and edamame. I was surprised that rice is not included as most places do include it. The sashimi was so creamy and smooth – definitely fresh! The tempura was a bit greasy and I wish they gave you a larger salad. Edamame was pretty standard since it was just simply boiled. The teriyaki beef with veggies would’ve been better with a bowl of rice as it was on the sweet side.

Misato - Calgary Special Roll

Calgary Special Roll (1/2) – $11.95

The famous Calgary Special Roll. Since I know so many people rave about it, I decided to try it myself and was very happy they offered a half portion of it b/c there is no way I can eat the bento box and the full eight pieces. So now that I’ve tried it… I am not sure why people like it so much. I was expecting different varieties of fish, but there’s only tuna, salmon, masago, shrimp and fake crab meat inside the roll, and there’s a thin slice of smoked salmon on the outside. Mind you there’s a lot of fresh fish inside, but the ingredients are nothing special. This is just a house special roll on steroids. Before Sushi Kawa went downhill, their house special roll was way better since there’s more variety of fish offered in it.

Overall my meal was satisfactory but I definitely don’t see myself driving all the way down here too often. Service was pretty decent and prices are average to a bit high depending on what you order.

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Ohh La La Patisserie

Since I was in the area, I decided to go to Ohh La La to pick up some macarons and whatever treats they had that day.

OLL - Macarons

Assorted Macarons – $2.15/pc, $12.30/half dozen

I have reviewed on Ohh La La’s macarons before and seriously, since the first time I’ve had them, there has been huge improvements. I don’t want to state who, but I recently went to a famous patisserie who are not known for macarons but did have some for offer and when I had some, I can’t believe they thought the macarons were good enough to be sold. The texture was all wrong (flat, crunchy), flavors were flat and they looked oddly-shaped. Anyhow, you won’t have that problem here at Ohh La La. They are perfectly sized and shaped, the shell is thin and crispy and when you bite into it, it’s pillowy soft and has just the right amount of chew. The flavors taste like they’re supposed to and I hereby say they have the best macarons in Calgary.

OLL - Cookies

Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate Chips Cookies – $8.00

I wasn’t planning on buying any cookies but these looked so good, and man, were they! Chewy cookies with an abundance of chocolate chips yet the cookie itself wasn’t overly sweet. My son devoured these with me.

If you ever meet the owner Sebastian, you will find that he is the friendliest and most humble guy. He is passionate about his creations and will not get mad at you if you have something to critique.

Bazille (Nordstrom)

Bazille, or rather Nordstrom, has been on my place to visit for quite some time. Nordstrom opened last year and I never got a chance to check out the store, although I’ve visited them in the U.S. many times. So many pretty and fancy things in there… Anyways, I’ve heard pretty good things about their restaurant so I thought I should check them out.

Bazille - Calamari

Crisp Calamari – $10.50

I had wanted to try the tuna poke, but I only came back from Hawaii a few weeks ago and I know nothing will compare to the one over there so I decided to save the possible disappointment. I quite liked the calamari here – it was small, tender pieces with a thin, crispy coating. It wasn’t too greasy either. The only thing was I didn’t like the sweet chili dip – I feel that something else less ordinary can be offered!

Bazille - Chicken Pasta

Sauteed Chicken and Angel Hair Pasta – $18.95

I really liked this. The chicken breast was nicely pan fried and very tender and juicy, and the roasted garlic tomato sauce with the spinach and oyster mushrooms was so flavorful and tasted so healthy! The rosemary butter sauce with the pasta was also quite nice, although I’m not too sure why there’s two different sauces on the plate as it was not necessary – I would’ve been happy with just the garlic tomato one. I would order this again in a heartbeat.

I was definitely too full for dessert but I would try it next time I am there. Service was good – my server gave adequate service but was not very engaging. Prices are definitely very reasonable and the food was delicious. Do come here and then buy something nice at Nordstrom afterwards!


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