Gohan Sushi Lounge

Gohan has sort of been on my radar, but the high prices really deter me from visiting. So when Groupon had a one day sale for the restaurant plus another 20% off local deals, I decided to jump on the chance and bought two vouchers to try out.

First visit:

Gohan - Japa Fries

Japa-Fries – $6

Fries drizzled with Japanese mayo and teriyaki sauce. It tastes exactly as that, but it is pretty good.

Gohan - Avocado Tempura

Avocado Tempura – $4.5

I don’t usually see this on the menu at other Japanese restaurants, so I decided to try it here. Honestly, without the tempura dipping sauce, these taste like nothing. I mean in general avocado doesn’t taste like much, but I think it would help if seasoning was added to the tempura batter.

Gohan - Dynamite Roll

Dynamite Roll – $8

Since my son loves his masago/tobiko and the normal California Roll is not rolled in masago here at Gohan, I got the Dynamite Roll instead.  I didn’t try it but he ate the whole thing.

Gohan - Assorted Sashimi

Assorted Sashimi – $33

Salmon, tuna, cooked prawns, red snapper, octopus and scallop – total of 16 pieces.  Fresh, decent size pieces of sashimi, but at $33 it was definitely overpriced.  I can get more for less of about the same quality (or even better) at other Japanese restaurants.

Gohan - Tonkotsu Ramen

Tonkotsu Ramen – $15

Since it was a “Gohan Favorite”, I decided to give it a try.  Definitely packaged noodles with a similar tonkotsu broth as the frozen Nissin ramen noodles I get from T&T.  The chashu slices were not fatty enough for me.  The marinated soft boiled egg was pretty good though!

Gohan - Seafood Bowl

Seafood Rice Bowl – $18

Hubby’s choice.  I liked this more than my ramen.  The sauce for the seafood mixture was very tasty.  At $18 it is a bit steep but seafood is pricier…

Service was pretty good and the food was decent, but prices are definitely on the high side.  The restaurant does have a night club feel to it so it felt a bit out of place to be there with a baby and a toddler.

Second Visit:

Gohan - Japa Fries 2

Japa-Fries – $6

This time my brother decided he wanted to try it.  I will say this: this is a great filler item.

Gohan - Asparagus Tempura

Asparagus Tempura – $4

I like this better than the avocado tempura due to the fact that asparagus does have some natural sweetness to it.  I was happy the asparagus was not overcooked and still had that nice crunch to it.

Gohan - Green Salad

Green Salad – $6

Nice starter salad with a citrus dressing for the health conscious.

Gohan - Salmon Salad

Mixed green salad with salmon or tuna, plus avocado – $11

For a $5 upgrade you get fresh fish and avocado slices.  It is also a different dressing that tastes like ginger and soy.

Gohan - Dynamite Roll 2

Dynamite Roll – $8

Yes, for my son.  How did you guess? I did try a couple of pieces this time and thought the rice was a bit strong on the vinegar.

Gohan - California Roll

California Roll – $6.5

Got this for my son and for my baby daughter to try (she managed to eat 1.5 pieces – woot!) and for some reason the rice had no seasoning to it.  Which doesn’t make any sense, unless the dynamite roll had citrus flavoring added to it? Hm… I do like the creamy pollock mixture though! Yes, I like my California rolls to be creamy, even if I hardly ever eat it.

Gohan - Tonkotsu Ramen 2

Tonkotsu Ramen – $15

Got this for my mom but she didn’t like it.  She thought the chashu slices were way too tough.  My brother agreed.

Gohan - Unagi

Unagi “Sashimi” – $6.5

Broiled eel slices in a sweet sauce.  Tastes like how it should.  Btw does anyone know why those frozen, packaged eel at the supermarket is so expensive now? K and I used to buy them for dirt cheap and made unagi don weekly…!

Gohan - Toro

Toro Sashimi – $8.5

I was so disappointed by this.  These were not fatty or creamy (you can tell from the picture).  I’ve had better toro at T&T and that says a lot…

Gohan - Mango Ice Cream

Mango Ice Cream – $6

Not sure if this was made in house.  This was just ok.  The mango coulis tasted more mango-y than the ice cream itself.

Service was still pretty good but it was kind of strange.  We got there at 5pm and was told the restaurant was fully booked except for this one table and the patio, so we got the table.  We left at 6:30pm and the restaurant wasn’t even half full.  Not sure what was up with that.

I have to say my first visit was more satisfying than the second for some reason.  Without a doubt, it is only worthwhile to dine here if you have a Groupon.  The prices are quite high, even higher than some of the favorite, traditional Japanese spots in the city yet I can’t say it tastes better.  Honestly, I have no idea what everyone is raving about. Generous portions? Well, if you’re charging more than what the average sushi restaurant charges for the same cut of fish, the portion is expected to be larger as well.  My 2.5 star rating goes to the really good service and some of the food was definitely ok, but yeah, you can definitely get better Japanese food for less at many other places…

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