Sushi Bar Miki

It’s been four years since my last visit to Miki (review on Zomato) and K and I decided to give them a try again to see if it’s still a good place for sushi.  Last time I noted that the food was generally decent but prices were on the higher side.  This time however… ok.  If you’re going to charge very high prices, higher than most other places, you better be really good.  I mean you better stand out from everyone else.  However I have never actually heard anyone I know talk about this restaurant…

Here’s what we tried tonight:

Miki - Seafood Salad

Seafood Salad – $10.00

Miki’s menu doesn’t actually have much of a description following the food item so I asked the server if this was a sashimi salad.  I was told it was, but do you see any raw fish on there, beyond the tiny piece of red snapper? This actually tasted ok but way too overpriced for what it is.  And I was expecting a large green salad – but there were maybe only half a cup of spring mix.  I was very disappointed with the lack of greens and would’ve ordered a regular green salad and the large order of sashimi had I known this was what I was receiving.

Miki - Special Age

Miki Special Age Tofu – $7.00

This is just an order of agedashi tofu with the addition of one tempura prawn and two slivers of tempura avocado.  The dashi was actually quite flavorful and I love that they included a thing of grated daikon and ginger.  The batter was not too thick or greasy.  However the portion was definitely tiny.

Miki - Medium Sashimi

Medium Selection of Sashimi – $25.00

An okay selection of fresh sashimi, but tiny slices.  One thing I was surprised about was that there was a small puddle of water underneath the fish.  Was it from the shredded radish…? Was the sashimi literally defrosting on my plate…? Not that it affected the taste but aesthetically, it didn’t look great at all.  Also felt like it was carelessness.

Miki - Medium Nigiri

Medium Selection of Nigiri – $20.00

K’s selection.  She didn’t have much to say about it.  Our favorite Roku charges only $16 for pretty much the same selection and they have hamachi in their’s.

Miki - Chicken Yaki

Chicken Yaki-Udon – $12.00

Got this for the kiddies to share.  They ate it without complaints but K thought the portion was on the small side.

Miki - Cali

California Roll – $4.75; Special Scallop Nigiri/Sashimi – $3.25

Anytime you see Cali rolls, you know it’s for the kids.  You know, I really prefer when places take the time to chop up the fake crab and mix it with mayo.  Like K said, there’s just something about a Cali roll that should be creamy.  And if you’re not going to give me a mixture then you shouldn’t charge me so much for it.  This was quite dry and kept falling apart.  By the way, we had wanted the one with masago but it was $2.25 more.  Every other place charges maybe only $0.50 more.

Our meal came to $94.50 before tip and we left rather unsatisfied.  I don’t understand why Miki charges such high prices for pretty average food (imho).  I can safely say the chances of us returning are pretty slim.  Regurgitating what I said in my Gohan post, you can definitely get better Japanese food for less at many other places…

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