Farm 2 Fork at Q Haute Cuisine

It’s like… have you ever planned something for months and then something happens and your plan doesn’t go through? So RW and I have been thinking of doing this year’s Farm 2 Fork dinner at Q Haute and after much hurdles, I picked a date that worked well for both of us. Ok, great. So a few days ago he tells me that he’s going to Cucina on Friday to take pictures of their Beakerhead dish and asked if I wanted to come. Given that I LOVE Cucina and I also LOVE eggs, of course I went. And in case you’re interested, this is the glory shot:

Cucina Beakerhead

Pork belly cooked in duck fat, sous vide duck egg, smoked paprika and pimento sauce… it was wonderful. The chefs at Cucina did a great job! This is just the appetizer for their Beakerhead feature – be sure to check out theirs and others’ menus during Beakerhead!

So anyways, back to my storytelling. I started my “lose the baby weight from my two pregnancies plan” and have been doing great, mainly by adjusting my eating and changing up my exercise routine (-14lbs at my 7 week weigh-in, woot woot). Well guess what… my stomach couldn’t handle the richness of the above dish. Oh my God. Like you would not hear me say this months ago. I love pork belly. I love my rich foods! So I felt my stomach churning while RW and I were walking around downtown… I thought walking it off would help, but by the time we got to Q Haute I was about to hurl. I knew I couldn’t bear to eat any more rich foods, so I begged the staff for some soup. And you know what, Q Haute took great care of me. Really. I was so sad that I didn’t get to taste the set menu, but RW did and we simply had a great time catching up.


Anyways, here’s what was featured tonight! Q Haute never disappoints. Seriously. If you haven’t been there then you’re missing out. I definitely missed out tonight.

Q Haute - Starter Bread

House Baked Bread with Whipped Butter

K and I have always wanted to make our own flavored butter, but at the same time we’re afraid if we do we would be eating a lot more of it… anyways, the orange one was sundried tomato and the green one might’ve been basil. I really don’t remember unfortunately. What I do remember is that it was freakin’ delicious and was great with the house baked bread. Yummmmmmm.

Q Haute - Amuse Bouche

Amuse Bouche
Puff Pastry, Goat Cheese Mousse, Caramelized Olive

Love goat cheese. RW thought this was a tad salty but I really enjoyed it!

Q Haute - Genmaicha

House Brewed Genmaicha

Our server very sweetly offered me some tea for my unsettling stomach. This is their Japanese genmaicha where they actually roast their own brown rice and mix it with a premium blend of tea leaves. The flavor is smooth, rich and GOOD. I would love to get a bag of their blend!

Q Haute - Carrot Veloute

Carrot Veloute – $12

Our server advised us that they don’t usually make this for dinner (or maybe just during the special menus) but they had some leftover from lunch and was I ever grateful! This was a very light tasting veloute (vegetable base, thickened with cornstarch) mixed with a dollop of creme fraiche with chopped chives, which greatly improved the overall flavor. A great vegetarian choice for sure.

Q Haute - House Pastrami

Appetizer Course
House Pastrami, Salad Espuma, Walnut Powder, Seed Tuille, Saffron Prawn Butter, Charred Corn Dressing Emulsion

The pastrami is actually beef brisket. I didn’t try this at all but RW looked like he enjoyed it – particularly the green mousse blob which is actually lettuce blended with water, then aerated. So molecular. RW’s exact words were: if lettuce was always in this form I would eat this all the time!

Q Haute - Sous Vide Chicken

Main Course
Sous Vide Chicken Farcite with Fried Cured Pork Belly, Sweet Potato Puree, Seasonable Vegetables, Vanilla Air

I managed to get a bite of the chicken – stuffed with chicken mousse then cooked via sous vide, and served with the most flavorful reduction ever. Our server explained that it was made with a lot of bones. The result? Beautiful. Just beautiful. The chicken was soooooooooooo tender. RW didn’t dare to give me any pork belly to try (sad face) but he said it was nicely crispy.

Q Haute - Strawberry Panna Cotta

Dessert Course
Strawberry Panna Cotta, Chocolate Powder, Sous Vide Strawberries, Vanilla Gelato

Given that panna cotta is my most favorite dessert I just had to try this. And that vanilla gelato. So delightful, so good. The strawberry flavor in the panna cotta was very light and natural tasting. The vanilla gelato had an intense milk flavor. Yes I managed to sneak two bites off RW’s plate and how I wish I could’ve ate it all.


Q Haute - Lollipop


We got a lovely tour of the kitchen and I added a lot of kitchen gadgets onto my Birthday wishlist. We also had a lovely tasting of this lollipop!

Q Haute - Fruit Gummie

Fruit Gummie

RW finished with this fruit gummie that concluded the set dinner. I had a green one last time when I was here for Big Taste. I would also love to get a bag of this!

I have been dining at this restaurant since it was La Caille back then and never had a disappointing meal, except I think it has improved a lot since it became Q Haute. Spectacular food, artful plating, impeccable service and a killer view if you could get a window seat. This classy restaurant is definitely great for those special occasions, but the atmosphere is never snobby or pretentious and I found out that they are actually family friendly! They also have express business lunches but unfortunately they are quite far from my office… one day!

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