Birthday Celebration at NOtaBLE

It was my brother L’s Birthday and he wanted to celebrated it at NOtaBLE, which I was definitely pretty excited for.  However, the celebration was nearly ruined… you see, if you want to make a large group reservation at the restaurant, you need to put down a $100 deposit in order to hold it, and if you need to cancel it you will get it back in the form of a gift card.  I don’t necessarily agree with it, but I made the reservation anyway since I didn’t think we would cancel it.  So last night on my way to the restaurant my brother calls and says… hey, they don’t have us down for a table.  Um, what? I know I called and my Visa was charged the same night.  He’s like yeah I don’t know, but we don’t have a table.  So I told him to wait til I get there to sort things out.  So I got there and they managed to put together some tables for our group, but the actual table that we were supposed to be sitting at in the quieter, less busy part of the restaurant was given to another group.  I was not impressed.  Then our server Genessa comes over and greets us with the $100 gift card, welcoming us… to which I was quite confused.  My name and reservation date was written on the gift card, but my reservation was actually not recorded in the book.  Sure, the hostess came by to check the gift card receipt to see who charged me and who took down the reservation, but that was it.  I wasn’t expecting a free meal, but something more should’ve been done.  A large group of 9 with a baby in the busiest part of the restaurant was not ideal seating (the DB behind me slammed his chair into mine when he got up – no apology either).  Anyways, good thing Genessa saved the night.  She was a fantastic server and we did end up enjoying our evening.

Here’s what we ordered last night:

NOtaBLE - Wings

Crispy smoked chicken wings, spicy honey bourbon glaze, pickled vegetables, buttermilk ranch – $15

We had a couple orders of these and they were fantastic.  I really enjoyed the light smokey flavors with the light sweetness from the honey glaze.  The ranch sauce was tasty but totally not needed.

NOtaBLE - Shrimp and Scallop Bake

Smoked scallop & shrimp bake, wilted arugula, aged cheddar, toasts – $16

My brother W order this and shared a slice with me.  This was a very heavy, creamy appetizer and definitely meant to be shared.  It was good – prominent seafood flavors but just way too heavy for me.

NOtaBLE - Crispy Potato Rolls

Crispy potato rolls, rotisserie pork, jalapeño Jack cheese, spicy ranch, salsa verde – $14

W’s gf K is celiac and shared this with her mom and said they were very good.  It’s great that NOtaBLE offers a good selection of gluten free items (we were told that some items on the regular menu can also be made gluten free), but I am slightly bothered by the disclaimer on the bottom of their gluten free menu:

Please note, while no gluten-containing products are used in the preparation of these items we cannot guarantee they are 100% gluten free

I suppose they say this because something could’ve been contaminated somewhere along the way but what happens if a celiac does get sick from eating here? I’m glad I don’t have any dietary restrictions but now this gets me thinking when dining out…

Image borrowed from fellow Yelper Kat M because I forgot to take my own… sigh

Crispy duck confit | Fairwind’s goat chèvre, pickled strawberries shaved fennel & apple salad, candied pecans – $17

This was from their inspiration menu which changes from time to time.  So, originally I was going to get this as my main and the beef tartare to start because I wasn’t sure how much I wanted to eat.  I was pretty hungry but this was also my cheat meal (I promised myself a proper cheat meal for every 10lbs I lose and I haven’t had one yet) so I was like… I’ll let loose tonight! Genessa explained the inspiration menu to us and she said the portions are small and are meant to be eaten as an appetizer, so I’m like ok, I guess I’ll start with this instead! Although this wasn’t big by any means, it was actually pretty filling.  So if you’re not that hungry or have a small appetite, this can totally be a main.  The duck confit leg was very flavorful.  The meat was buttery smooth and very tender.  Mmmmmm.  I would’ve loved to see more greens and less goat cheese (it was quite heavy and I had three blobs on my plate).  My next favorite component was definitely the candied pecans – who doesn’t love them? Except of course, if you have nut allergy… sorry.

NOtaBLE - Pork Tenderloin

Grilled naturally-raised pork tenderloin | black truffle gnocchi, double smoked bacon – $34

So I got this as my main because the truffle gnocchi sounded so good, and they were.  They were dainty, pillowy soft and was also nicely crisped and tasted great with the peas + mushroom + bacon mixture, all resting on a smear of parsnip puree.  The pork however was quite tough – was it the cut or was it overcooked? It was also a really small portion of meat – I’m thinking about 6 oz? I only managed to eat half of it because I was saving room for dessert.

NOtaBLE - Carbonara

NOtaBLE spaghetti carbonara | house-made mesquite bacon, local shelling peas, pecorino – $17

I got this for the kids to share and it was also from the inspiration menu.  My son wasn’t feeling well so he didn’t really like eating it but my daughter ate a good portion of it!I tried a forkful of it and while the pasta was cooked nicely, I did not like the cream sauce at all.  I cannot pinpoint to what I didn’t like (could be just me) but the flavor just didn’t taste right.

NOtaBLE - Wagyu Burger

Monthly burger inspiration – $18

This month’s feature is Wagyu and my brother loved it.  He said it was one of the best burgers he’s had.  NOtaBLE does have really good and creative burgers – they didn’t win burger week a few years in a row for nothing!

NOtaBLE - Ribeye

Certified Angus rib-eye (12 oz) – $40

NOtaBLE - Striploin

Sterling Silver New York striploin (10 oz) – $38

NOtaBLE - Greek Salad

Rotisserie chicken “Greek salad”, goat Feta – $19

NOtaBLE - Chicken

NOtaBLE half chicken | roasted corn & Fairwind’s goat chèvre risotto, smoky chicken jus – $29

L’s gf C order this and I just had to take a bite from her because I always hear people raving about it.  It totally deserves the reputation, because it was really delicious! Very nicely seasoned and ultra-tender (I sampled the white meat too).  Now I need to get their happy chicken to go for dinner one day! The risotto however was really, really heavy.  I think they definitely need to go easy on the goat cheese…

NOtaBLE - Rigatoni

Baked rigatoni, double-smoked bacon, leek cream sauce, cherry tomato, Cambozola Cheese – $24

K got this off the gluten free menu and unfortunately didn’t like it.  She said it sounded much more exciting on paper  but the dish was nothing special.  I tried a forkful of it and do agree that it was a bit bland.

NOtaBLE - Apple Pie

Okanagan apple pie, oatmeal cookie crust, vanilla gelato – $11

NOtaBLE - Sticky Toffee Pudding

Sticky toffee pudding, single malt scotch ice cream – $11

NOtaBLE - Salted Carame Gelato

Salted Caramel Gelato – $3

NOtaBLE - Chocolate Pudding

Warm chocolate pudding, salted caramel gelato – $11

I was so excited for my “self-declared best dessert in the City” and it was still really good, but I think I was too full to truly enjoy it and had trouble finishing it.  The gelato is silky smooth and the chocolate pudding was definitely on the sweeter side, but they complement each other nicely.  After having this three times now, I think it’s time to try a different dessert on my next visit!

You can count on the food at NOtaBLE to be good, however the whole reservation thing really left a bad taste in my mouth.  It will not deter me from returning, but they need to be a lot more organized with their reservation system.  I’ve always wondered why they don’t do online reservations like OpenTable or Yelp SeatMe.  I’m glad the evening turned out to be positive overall and well, Happy Birthday to my baby bro!

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