Garden Bakery

So I find out an interesting fact while I was in Edmonton – you cannot get dim sum anywhere before 10:00am. Seriously.  We were planning to meet our cousins for dim sum and my aunt was like, how’s 10:30am? I’m like that’s kind of late for breakfast, can we do 8:30am? She laughs and says… yeah, no restaurant open that early.  I didn’t believe her but why shouldn’t I? After all, she does live in Edmonton! So we decided to meet for dinner instead but still needed to have breakfast! We’ve came to Garden Bakery a few years back and thought they were ok.  Plus, they open at 9:00am!

The restaurant is your typical HK cafe style with lots of variety on their menu.  They also have a bakery attached to the side.  I don’t remember ever trying their baked goods…

GB - Beef Ball Soup

Beef Balls in Soup ($4.75) with Vegetable Add-On ($1.50)

I didn’t want anything heavy for breakfast and I didn’t want to load up on anything carby, so I thought some protein and veggies would be a good choice.  This was pretty tame – taste exactly as it looks.

GB - Congee

GB - Radish Cake

Breakfast Combo: $7.00

My mom went with the Chinese breakfast combo which lets you choose a congee and dim sum item.  She got the house special congee with the pan fried turnip cake.  I didn’t try it – huge portions though!

GB - Beef Rolls

Beef Rice Roll – $4.50

I got this for the daughter.  The beef is actually chopped up bits, not normally in the soft, tender, minced “cake” form.  I didn’t really like it but my daughter happily ate about 1/3 of it.

GB - French Toast

French Toast – $4.00

My son didn’t know what he wanted to eat and then he saw the picture of the French Toast on the menu and picked that. So HK style French Toast is kind different than the Western one. It’s usually two slices of toast with some condiment slathered in between, battered, deep fried and served with a buttery syrup.  The one here had a crap load of peanut butter in between and served with the most sickeningly sweet syrup ever.  It was a heavy, gooey mess.  My son didn’t want to eat more than half of it.

I remember the quality of food to be a lot better from my last visit, but I didn’t like the food very much this time.  My cousins told me at dinner later that they have gone downhill quite a bit… damn, wish I knew.  Anyways, they may be good for a quick bite if you’re in the area, but don’t expect anything spectacular.

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