Shanghai Grill

As Calgary doesn’t have any actual Shanghai restaurants, I am always on the radar when traveling to see where I can get some soup dumplings.  Last time I tried Shanghai 456 and I didn’t really like theirs.  So I did some research and found Shanghai Grill and they had some decent reviews.

We decided to do a lite lunch and only tried three things:

SG - Jellyfish

Marinated Jellyfish – $9.95

We love jellyfish.  The texture is not for everyone (like, for my son.  He make sure to tell me everytime that he will not eat any jellyfish) but it’s low in calories and pretty filling! So this was nicely marinated and flavorful, but it was quite spicy and I didn’t know it was going to be.  Yes, I don’t like spicy foods.  I actually can’t physically eat it anymore as it gives me cramps every time, even with the tiniest amount.  So yes, I suffered for a few hours after this meal.  Other than the spice, it was good.


SG - XLB 2

Shanghai Soup Dumplings (xiao long bao) – $8.95

The soup dumplings here were actually pretty decent! The skin was thin and there was a nice amount of soup inside.  The meat was soft and tender.  My daughter loved it!

SG - Chicken

Starch Sheets (fen pi) with Shredded Chicken – $12.95

Starch sheets are also one of my favorite staples at a Shanghai restaurant and for this, they actually told us it is made spicy.  We asked if they can make it less spicy since the kids will be eating it, and then they said well in that case we’ll leave the spicy sauce on the side.  I wish they had told us that for the jellyfish too! The starch sheets were prepared nicely with an ample amount of shredded chicken and cucumber but was coated with way too much sesame sauce.

I’d love to come back here for dinner next time! Service was pretty good and friendly and food was pretty decent overall.  Prices are slightly on the high side but I would definitely return again.

Shanghai Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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