Chin Kee

I am pretty bored of all the Chinese restaurants in Calgary, but Edmonton is certainly an untapped market for me (lol).  So when we met up with our cousins for dinner, there was no doubt that it would be at a Chinese restaurant.  It’s not really my choice but when you have a large group it seems to make sense – especially budget wise! Chin Kee was picked because it was sort of close to our hotel, but with a vehicle you can pretty much go anywhere.  I will say that I find everything in Edmonton really spaced out.  I was trying to find a GoodLife around the hotel and the closest one was more than 20 minutes away.  Even a yoga studio showed it to be minutes away on google map, but to actually drive there… it didn’t seem like it was a short trip.

Here’s what we tried tonight.  I believe my aunt chose a group dinner with the oysters as an add-on.

CK - Oysters

Pan Seared Oysters in Port Wine (砵酒生蠔)

My aunt ordered these since she found out that I like oysters (it’s a known fact if you’re my foodie friend, but my family doesn’t really know since it’s not a dish that ever gets ordered).   These were nicely meaty and fried fairly well, although I thought they were a bit small in size.  The sauce was slightly sticky and savoury.

CK - Beef Clay Pot

Braised Beef Brisket and Tendon in Clay Pot

This is usually hubby’s favorite dish, but soon I noticed chunks of tendons in it and when I went to dig one out, my eyes sparkled.  There were HUGE chunks of soft, gooey tendons throughout.  Oh man.  They were so good and cooked just right.  The brisket was tender and meaty! Mmmmmm.  The sauce was just right with a good amount of beefy flavors.

CK - Pork Chop

Deep Fried Pork Chop with Water Chestnut Cake Clusters

The pork chop was meaty, tender (not over tenderized) and not too heavily battered.  It was tossed in a sweet mayo type of sauce that I am suspecting it was flavored with water chestnuts (I really don’t know, I never actually looked at the menu).  I say that because the little clusters were small chunks of what seemed like water chestnut cakes.  They weren’t too sweet and I thought they were interesting!

CK - Fried Rice

Seafood Fried Rice wrapped in Lotus Leaf

Seafood fried rice wrapped in lotus leaf to get that nice fragrant smell to it.  I don’t think it made it taste any better but the fried rice was pretty decent.

CK - Chicken

Salt Baked Chicken

I think.  That’s what it tasted like anyway.  I think this was the only dish I didn’t really enjoy that night as it was way too salty and the chicken itself wasn’t very good.

CK - Fish

Steamed Fish

Simply steamed with ginger and scallions.  This simple dish always taste good as long as the fish is fresh.

CK - Beef Gai Lan

Stir Fried Gai Lan with Beef

The gai lan was a bit past its prime that night as the texture was a bit gritty.  There wasn’t very much beef slices throughout but I think we had enough meat dishes already, haha!

CK - Dessert

Pumpkin Tapioca Dessert

I hate places that serve the red bean dessert soup because a) it’s boring and unimaginative and b) most places don’t make a good one.  So I was pretty happy when they serve a pretty tasty tapioca dessert with chunks of pumpkin.  It wasn’t overly sweet too!

I thought the food tonight was pretty decent and I think our bill was about $100? Service was pretty good and we had a free show too… well, not quite.  We were all eating when a very loud thump caught our attention… so we turned around and saw a couple of guys punching the bejesus out of each other in the doorway of the restaurant.  I was like what the f—.  The server seemed pretty calm and went inside the kitchen to grab the cook and he went out to settle things.  It seems like it has happened before, but we were definitely a bit startled.  When we left an hour later the guys (obviously drunk) were standing outside making up… well, I’m glad that went well!

Chin Kee Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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