Last time I was at Sugarbowl I really enjoyed the food, so I made it a vow to return… and ordered the exact same dishes I had, hahaha.  I have been craving for the wild salmon linguine since I’ve had it!

SB - Salmon Linguine

Wild Sockeye Salmon Linguine – $14
shallot, garlic cream sauce, parmesan

This is one of the best pasta dishes, ever.  You get such a hearty portion of everything and the cream sauce is just flavored spot on! The pasta, although not handmade (can you even get handmade pasta at that price?), is perfectly cooked to al dente.  The sauce is creamy but not heavy, and not too strong on the garlic.  The salmon is cooked just right and not dry at all.  Oh man, I’m thinking about how tasty this is as I’m typing up my post.  I should’ve gotten a few orders to go and stock them in my freezer!

SB - Chicken Waffle

Chicken & Waffle – $14
buttermilk, spice marinated chicken breast, waffle, maple butter

Sadly, I was not wow’ed by this.  I know it’s been two years since I’ve had it, but I’m so sure they changed the recipe for the chicken.  It just did not taste the same and I didn’t really want to eat it anymore after the first bite.  I’m not saying it wasn’t good but I didn’t like the spice they used.  The waffles were also a bit hard.

SB - Cinnamon Bun

Cinnamon Bun – $4.25

Every single table had at least one order of this (to stay or to go) so I decided to try it out.  It was soft, pillowy, and not very sweet.  Definitely much better than the ones at the mall!

SB - 2 Eggs Breakfast

2 Eggs Any Style – $8
2 eggs, bacon or sausage, potatoes, toast

Simple breakfast for my son.  My favorite part was actually the potatoes – they were seasoned very nicely and cooked just to the right doneness!

The restaurant has a very relaxed atmosphere and is very family friendly.  It was pretty busy on the day we went and at around 11:00am, most people were still enjoying breakfast.  I made sure we got there around 10:45am just so we could get the lunch items as the lunch menu starts at 11:00am! I’m sad that I didn’t like the chicken and waffles this time, but I will definitely return again (and again) for that pasta!

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