New Eats in Chinatown

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Ok, I’ve decided to stop being a delinquent and actually catch up on some posts today.  Seeing how that I have visited a few new restaurants in Chinatown, I have decided to do a single post on all of them. … Continue reading

Dinner at H&J Bistro

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If you’re like me and have been wondering why Helen’s Cafe never seems to open, it’s because they have moved and are now H&J Bistro.  I’m not sure if this is advertised b/c I swear I’ve drove up to their … Continue reading

Lunch at Han’s

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If you’re a long time patron of Han’s, you would know that they recently reopened after a two year (?) hiatus.  I read that it was because the owner had to go back home for surgery, sold his business, then … Continue reading