Wendy’s fresh-made salads – mmmmmmm!

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Spring, or some days sure felt like Summer, has arrived early in Calgary, so it’s kind of salad season, no? I was thrilled when I was asked to try out Wendy’s new salads.  I liked them a lot when I … Continue reading

Wendy’s New Chicken Salads – Definitely Worth The Hype!

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I was recently asked by Davis Communications Group to try out Wendy’s new chicken salads.  Although I’m not a fan of fast food, I didn’t see any harm in going for salads since I needed a much necessary break from … Continue reading

Do you care where your food comes from?

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Hubby and I started growing some stuff in our garden last year and our hard work seemed to have paid off a bit! By we, I really mean hubby since he’s the one with the green thumb.  I’m starting to … Continue reading

Product Review: Cuisine Solutions Lamb Shank with Rosemary & Mint Sauce

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I’ve been eyeing this at Costco for a few months and finally decided to bite the bullet… it’s not that they were expensive or anything, but I am trying to cook from scratch more.  Yet I’m a bit cautious when … Continue reading

Noosa Yoghurt – Possibly the BEST yogurt on Earth! Fage Greek Yogurt – Also Good!

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Have you ever had yogurt that tasted like ice cream? I was shopping for a full fat, natural yogurt for my toddler while I was in Hawaii.  Target is one of my favorite stores to venture because their selection is … Continue reading

Christmas 2012

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Christmas has come and gone, and we are moving to the end of 2012.  This year has gone by so fast for me and I have to say it’s been a great year! Last year I was too busy and … Continue reading

Food Product Review: Iögo Yogurt; President’s Choice Wild Clams in Garlic Butter Sauce

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I was watching a ton of Iögo commercials before their actual debut at the grocery stores and was slightly intrigued by their low calorie, no aspartame claim in their products.  However, I have a preference towards Greek yogurt and that’s all … Continue reading