Sweet Gesture

My coworker recently traveled to France.  Although she didn’t take pictures of any of the food she ate (so disappointing for me!), she got me this:

I can’t believe how sweet and thoughtful she is! 🙂 She said that when she saw it she thought of me right away and just had to get it. Awwwwww. It’s so nice when others are passionate about what you do and support it!

I miss working on my blog, so here’s a post!

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Ok, I admit it.  I’m attached to this blog.  I feel that I’m letting it down by not updating it with food adventures.  However, I must say I’m very proud of myself for sticking to my not eating out plan … Continue reading

Going off meatless

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I went on a meatless diet for the past 10 days as I was experimenting with a cleanse.  I think I took it too drastic b/c I was on a very protein focus diet before (for body toning, and I was trying to reduce my carb intake) so as a result,  my body responded very negatively and I started gaining weight out of nowhere.  I was unable to satiate my hunger with just vegetables, fruits, dairy and non-meat protein so I turned to carbs… and my digestion completely went out of whack.  My energy level depleted even though I was working my butt off at the gym b/c I didn’t feel that my body was getting the right foods to fuel my body.  All of a sudden I caught a cold out of nowhere…! Therefore I have no choice but to call off my meatless diet and go back to eating regular foods, with a focus to cut out refined carbohydrates, reduce sugar… but yay, I can eat meat again!

Ultimate fail! Boo… this is why I will never (or can ever) become a vegetarian.


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It’s probably not news to you, but shill happens everywhere, and today I’m specifically talking about the shill reviews on Urbanspoon.  I know restaurant owners will rate reviews that are in favor to them positively, and vice versa.  They will also get their friends and families to create accounts just to boost their ratings.  While that cannot be prevented, some are done in a way that is almost too obvious.  I’m bringing this up because I’ve noticed very recently that one of my favorite restaurants is being attacked.  I’m seeing reviews and vote downs that have no basis to them and since I spend a lot of time on Urbanspoon, and that I do extensively read a lot of reviews, I have pretty much nailed which competitor of theirs is the culprit.

I have zero tolerance for this shady behavior.  If your restaurant is not attracting enough customers but others are, it’s your fault, not theirs.  Bringing their ratings down does not change the fact that people are not going to your restaurant.  Instead of doing something so childish, why not focus on ways to improve your own restaurant? I can only conclude that you are not confident in running your business and that you are jealous of others who are more successful, and you think creating false reviews will make you feel better.  Constructive criticism is a positive thing, but don’t say you welcome any type of feedback when you start freaking out the moment something bad is said about your business.

Do not assume your customers are idiots – it’s very easy to put two and two together when you make it that obvious!