Lunch at ABC Restaurant

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I have been a patron at the previous ABC for the longest time.  I liked them because food was fast, cheap and decently tasty, but ever since going on mat leave I haven’t been back to Chinatown/downtown much until I … Continue reading

Late lunch at Ginger Beef Bistro House

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Dim Sum.  Something I haven’t had for a while.  It was 1:30pm on a Saturday afternoon and since we had to go to Costco right after, we didn’t want to travel far.  I wasn’t sure if it would be packed … Continue reading

More meals at Great Taste Restaurant

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Yup, I’m here again. I like the food here and always enjoy trying new dishes.  However, since I’m on a meatless diet this time my choices are not as fancy.  I don’t even get to eat my soup dumplings… boo! … Continue reading

Dinner at T. Pot/H.K. Cafe

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I have mixed feelings about the T. Pot group of restaurants.  They have good food, but the portions and the prices seem to have an opposite relationship and the service, as anyone who has dined at the restaurants, knows it’s … Continue reading

Lunch at Delicious Country

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Yup, I’m here again. This time with some of my old coworkers from my last job. My old manager graciously treated us for lunch to congratulate me on my new job. He gave me a choice of here or Spaghetti … Continue reading

Lunch at Great Taste Restaurant

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Another lunch with my family.  This is definitely becoming a weekly routine.  It turns out that I had to run back to work for an hour and since I work in downtown, we may as well grab lunch there.  I … Continue reading

Dinner at Papa Shunde Chinese Restaurant

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I’m going to say that my family is also a culprit of my constant eating out.  Once in a while Mama Peaches would say, let’s go out to eat b/c I’m too lazy to cook.  Even though I rarely eat … Continue reading

Lunch at Snow Palace

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Snow Palace is one of my preferred restaurants for Chinese food.  Their food is generally pretty good, prices are decent and service is really good.  I wouldn’t say they are the best Chinese food in Calgary (though honestly, I don’t … Continue reading