Corso 32

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I decided to drive to Edmonton spur of the moment and of course had to make sure to check out some foodie worthy places! One such place was Corso 32, a very popular Italian place that seems to be very … Continue reading


Lunch at Pulcinella

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K and I spent a rather eventful morning doing our Boxing Day shopping and of course needed to replenish our energy with food, so we were trying to decide on a restaurant to eat at.  However, it was not an … Continue reading


Brunch at Carino Japanese Bistro + Wine

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S, M, K and I decided to meet up for brunch a couple Sundays ago and Carino was decided b/c M had wanted to try the chicken and waffles.  Funny thing is… she didn’t even end up ordering it! I’ve … Continue reading


Dinner at Cibo

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My brother L was taking us out for dinner and he made me choose a restaurant that was reasonable in price. I thought of Cibo because of the small plate sharing concept and the menu looked pretty good, so we … Continue reading


Dinner at Carino Japanese Bistro & Wine

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Foie gras. My husband calls it the evil meat.  Oh wait, or was that veal? To be honest I never was that big of a fan with foie gras due to the high cholesterol content, but then I figured… YOLO!!!! … Continue reading


Dinner at Rea’s

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The last saga to my Birthday celebration week! My brother drove home from the boonies to spend the long weekend with us so of course we had to go out and eat, and hubby was driving home as well! I … Continue reading