Pan-fried potstickers for breakfast, linguine for lunch

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Chicken and Pork potstickers – 50 pcs per order; frozen.  I can’t remember how much they were. I bought these on the upper level of New Asia Supermarket on the corner of Centre street and 16 Ave. The mom and … Continue reading

Lunch at Great Taste Restaurant

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Another lunch with my family.  This is definitely becoming a weekly routine.  It turns out that I had to run back to work for an hour and since I work in downtown, we may as well grab lunch there.  I … Continue reading

Lunch at Snow Palace

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Snow Palace is one of my preferred restaurants for Chinese food.  Their food is generally pretty good, prices are decent and service is really good.  I wouldn’t say they are the best Chinese food in Calgary (though honestly, I don’t … Continue reading

Lunch at Delicious Country

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I’ve been to Delicious Country many times for lunch and dinner and have never been disappointed.  Although I don’t prefer to eat spicy food, there are many other options that are non-spicy, and apparently you can ask them to make … Continue reading