Cage-free BUYcott at the Calgary Co-op


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Reposting on behalf of the WSPA:

Show that Calgary gives a cluck!

Right now, the board and management at the Calgary Co-op are deciding whether to sell only cage-free eggs and pork. With your help, we can show them that compassionate Calgarians support that choice!

On October 26, join WSPA and friends for a cage-free egg BUYcott – let’s flock together, buy free run, free range or organic eggs and feel good about helping hens.

Take part! Join our Facebook event page, share it with friends and then come out to any Calgary Co-op location and help us prove that Calgary gives a cluck. Purchase eggs at the Co-op, and then hand this flyer to the cashier, to show your support.

If you’re not already a member of Calgary Co-op, please sign up to become a member before November 2, 2013 to be eligible to vote in the 2014 AGM. A small number of people can make a big difference.

If you’re in the Calgary area, and would like to help promote the BUYcott, you can print out our poster to put on your office bulletin board or around your neighbourhood.

Not in Calgary? You can still help! Regardless of where you are, you can show hens a little love that Saturday, and every day. Wherever you are, buy cage-free eggs and share your photos with us on social media. Use the hashtags #cagefreeYYC and #giveacluck!

If you use Facebook or Foursquare to check into locations, check in where you buy cage-free eggs. Consider leaving a tip for others, or a photo to show the eggs you purchased.

About the Campaign

Choose Cage-Free is an initiative by the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) to educate consumers about the real living conditions of hens in cages. We are empowering everyone to commit to cage-free eggs and are working with farmers and businesses to adopt cage-free practices. With your support, we can ultimately improve the lives of millions of hens. Change is possible!

My thoughts:

I am a firm believer that healthy animals will produce healthier offspring, so the welfare of these animals should not be ignored.  I mean, how good would you feel if you were confined in a small space and forced to life live, and gasp, give birth that way? I enjoy my exercise, I’m sure animals would too! Although I am no vegetarian, I would still like to see good treatment of animals (yes, even if I eat them).  I have been buying free run eggs for years and don’t mind paying more for them.  I buy organic / local when possible, as well as shop at Farmers markets, and even grow some of my own fruits and vegetables.  I love it when I eat at restaurants and see them serving free run eggs – that darker yolk does taste better!

See this link for additional details on the WSPA:

Be sure to present the flyer below when you purchase your pack of cage-free eggs at Calgary Co-Op.


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