Dinner at Gee Gong

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Last week my family suggested grabbing dinner in Chinatown.  Unsure of where to go, my mom suggested Gee Gong which for some reason my brothers objected, but I didn’t mind it.  I haven’t been there for years – the last … Continue reading

Lunch at Rush

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S recently asked me if I was interested in Rush’s $25 3 course lunch menu, and my first question was – what’s included? She didn’t know, and it wasn’t posted on the website, but I guess it changes daily.  I’ve … Continue reading

Lunch at Tropical Delight Noodles House

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Let me begin by saying, I have no knowledge of Malaysian/Singapore foods. I don’t know what is considered authentic and don’t know what authentic should taste like. However, after seeing all the rave reviews for this place, and after reading … Continue reading

Dinner at Red Ember Japanese Cuisine

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I have been craving sushi REALLY badly lately – doesn’t help from all the wonderful, fresh fish I indulged while I was in Hawaii and well, nothing in Calgary really compares. Hubby has offered to take me out for sushi … Continue reading

Brunch at Carino Japanese Bistro + Wine

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S, M, K and I decided to meet up for brunch a couple Sundays ago and Carino was decided b/c M had wanted to try the chicken and waffles.  Funny thing is… she didn’t even end up ordering it! I’ve … Continue reading

Dinner at Smooth Curry Thai Cuisine

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Hubby drove home from his work site tonight and suggested that I could prepare dinner or we can go out to eat.  Apparently he had wanted me to cook, but since I was given the choice I chose to take … Continue reading