10 best things I have eaten in 2013 (Calgary)

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Yup, it’s that time of the year again! Are you ready for this year’s list? It was soooooooo difficult pinpointing down to just 10 items but it’s gotta be done! I list these items because I think they’re all must … Continue reading

Lunch at Long’s

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It was a chilly Monday, and K and I had originally taken the afternoon off work for the Muse truffle media showing that ended up being postponed.  Well we decided to still take the afternoon off and went to try … Continue reading

Dinner at H&J Bistro

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If you’re like me and have been wondering why Helen’s Cafe never seems to open, it’s because they have moved and are now H&J Bistro.  I’m not sure if this is advertised b/c I swear I’ve drove up to their … Continue reading

Lunch at Han’s

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If you’re a long time patron of Han’s, you would know that they recently reopened after a two year (?) hiatus.  I read that it was because the owner had to go back home for surgery, sold his business, then … Continue reading

Lunch at Delicious Country

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Yup, I’m here again. This time with some of my old coworkers from my last job. My old manager graciously treated us for lunch to congratulate me on my new job. He gave me a choice of here or Spaghetti … Continue reading

Lunch at Great Taste Restaurant

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Another lunch with my family.  This is definitely becoming a weekly routine.  It turns out that I had to run back to work for an hour and since I work in downtown, we may as well grab lunch there.  I … Continue reading

Lunch at Delicious Country

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I’ve been to Delicious Country many times for lunch and dinner and have never been disappointed.  Although I don’t prefer to eat spicy food, there are many other options that are non-spicy, and apparently you can ask them to make … Continue reading