Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to everyone that celebrated it! If you didn’t already know, we Chinese celebrate these special days with a TON of food… and I usually get a bit scared because eating can get out of control.  Luckily I … Continue reading

Pan-fried potstickers for breakfast, linguine for lunch

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Chicken and Pork potstickers – 50 pcs per order; frozen.  I can’t remember how much they were. I bought these on the upper level of New Asia Supermarket on the corner of Centre street and 16 Ave. The mom and … Continue reading

Dinner at Brasserie Kensington

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My friends R and J recently went to Quebec.  They sent me a picture of a foie gras poutine that they had at Au Pied de Cochon and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous.  Although poutine doesn’t … Continue reading

Dinner at Koto Sushi Lounge

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After 22 days of not seeing hubby… he’s finally back and hopefully that was his last long shift ever! I told him how I finally started a food blog and he says why, you only ever eat sushi anyway! Not … Continue reading

Food Product Review: 44th Street Slow Cooked Beef Pot Roast

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PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!! DISCLAIMER: I really didn’t think I needed to post this blurb, but people keep contacting me to complain or question about this product and I don’t understand why they think my personal food blog is affiliated with the … Continue reading

Late lunch at Yume Sushi

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Sometimes you really have to follow your intuitions… So I’ve reviewed Yume Sushi twice with mixed opinions.  Great service, okay prices but not the best food.  Being in the sushi crazed that I was in, my brother and I drove … Continue reading

Lunch at Great Taste Restaurant

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Another lunch with my family.  This is definitely becoming a weekly routine.  It turns out that I had to run back to work for an hour and since I work in downtown, we may as well grab lunch there.  I … Continue reading

Dinner at Papa Shunde Chinese Restaurant

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I’m going to say that my family is also a culprit of my constant eating out.  Once in a while Mama Peaches would say, let’s go out to eat b/c I’m too lazy to cook.  Even though I rarely eat … Continue reading