Food Product Review: 44th Street Slow Cooked Beef Pot Roast

PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!!

DISCLAIMER: I really didn’t think I needed to post this blurb, but people keep contacting me to complain or question about this product and I don’t understand why they think my personal food blog is affiliated with the company. Please, STOP contacting me about the product! I am just a food blogger that shared this food item with you.

I have been itching to go out and eat just so I can update this blog… can you believe it? Luckily, I really did stay true to my promise to not eat out at all this week (with the exception of the gigantic pepperoni pizza slice from Costco… hmmmm!) and while I was there, I saw this item on sale for $4.00 off, being $12.99:

Hubby bought it to work one time and he said it was decent.  Since I wasn’t sure what to do for dinner last night, I bought this to my mom’s house for dinner.  Of course I know making your own is way better, but when you work 8-5 like me, and doesn’t get home until 5:45pm or later… sometimes you have to take shortcuts.  With this item being fully cooked, all I have to do is reheat and serve!

This is what it looks like inside:

Instructions say to remove the top film and cut a slit in each package, leave it in the tray, and stick in microwave (for best results!) at medium power for 10 minutes.  Okie dokie.  10 minutes later…

After emptying out the contents of the packages, here is what we have.  Not bad looking.  Meat was very tender and easy to break apart with a fork.  However, it was not completely hot so I stuck it in the microwave for another two minutes.  Much better.

During the time this meat was heating up, I stir fried up some veggies.  Kirkland Normandy mix (frozen) blend from Costco! Toss with some garlic, oyster sauce and sesame oil, even my brother the veggie hater approves! Correction: he only hates the veggies my mom cook b/c she tends to overcook them to death.  Sorry mom!

Be sure to sprinkle on some sesame seeds for the final touch! Pair both with some white rice, here’s the final composition of our dinner plate:

Voila! I think this looks good! I actually did quite like this roast.  As I mentioned, the meat was tender, not chewy and had just a teeny amount of fat on it.  The gravy was a jus like consistency, and it wasn’t too salty with great flavors.  My brother thought the gravy was weird (couldn’t say why… strange flavor?) but liked the meat.  My mom enjoyed it with no complaints.  I cut up the meat and put it on rice and fed it to my toddler – he ate quite a bit of it! Despite being the gluttons we are, we had quite a bit of leftovers.  For $12.99 you get over two pounds of meat, easily feeds a family of 4-6 and it tastes great.  I think this a good deal and wouldn’t mind buying it again.


8 thoughts on “Food Product Review: 44th Street Slow Cooked Beef Pot Roast

  1. I love this Pot Roast. Although I will always prepare my own Prime Rib Roast, Pot Roast has always presented a challenge for me.
    When I first tried 44th Street Pot Roast I decided never to try cooking my own Pot Roast. I serve this in a traditional manner with Mashed Potatoes, Peas and Carrots or another green vegetable. It is the perfect Sunday Roast. Your family must be very small eaters. We could never stretch this to feed 6 people. Even 4 portions would be small.

    • Glad to hear you like this! I’d love to make my own roast from scratch but when time is a constraint, this type of product would be very handy, and best thing is that it does taste good! With regards to portion size, since I usually eat this with rice and vegetables and the rice itself is pretty much a filler, so we tend to not eat as much meat.

  2. Looks like this product is not Gluten free, Ingredients say it has wheat proteins, too bad why not leave that out because I see it has corn starch so WHY the wheat

  3. tried this several times, and was very satisfied BUT today got one that was very tough and stringy. Would like an address of the company, as the e mail address did not work. I feel I should get reimbersed for this $10.99 as in spite of a spoilt dinner, I placed the rest in the green bin. Will try it again I think, as the others were fine. Oh well, I think I should be able to contact the company. It still had 2 months before expiry date and had been in my frig for 10 days send me an address if you have one please.

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